Fabulous-Bridal Relocates to Fabulous-Furs Headquarters

Fabulous-Bridal Relocates to Fabulous-Furs Headquarters

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Donna Salyers’ Fabulous-Bridal helped to change the face of Covington in 2005. Learn about the store’s recent relocation and exciting new chapter ahead.

Thinking back 15 years ago and you may remember that Covington, Kentucky, wasn’t quite the thriving business scene it is today. But when opening her business Donna Salyers’ Fabulous-Bridal, Donna Salyers took a leap of faith in November 2005, although she wasn’t sure the whole idea was starting off on the right food. 

“In fact, a week before our scheduled opening, a car drove into the Sixth Street side of the building and we prayed it wasn’t an omen for what lay ahead,” she says. 

Luckily for her, that incident wasn’t a sign of things to come. It was the complete opposite. Fabulous-Bridal soon became a place for brides from all over the country – not just the Tri-State. 

“Fast-forward 14 years when, a few months ago, a Cincinnati bank looking to expand into Covington’s rapidly growing economic scene approached us to buy the building housing Fabulous-Bridal on Madison at Sixth,” explains Salyers. “That ask prompted us to consider the possibilities and we began exploring options.” 

Once figuring out what would work best for her business, Salyers has now decided to move Fabulous-Bridals into the Fabulous-Furs headquarters – and offer her customers even more than she already does. 

“The move has many implications benefiting our customers,” she says. “There will be plentiful and free parking and large dressing rooms to name a few. Today, the time feels right to combine the two businesses into one glorious space, tapping into the history of our 110,000-square-feet space and creating a magical, transportive setting.”

With Fabulous-Bridal and Fabulous-Furs now housed in the same space, Salyers and her team can offer customers an exciting environment that offers luxury, warmth, and beauty. “While distinctly different, both businesses share beautiful products along with special and unique occasions,” she says. “Seeing beautiful things linked with emotional moments in a fabulous setting is very appealing, and we’ll have great fun executing!”

Salyers describes now offering her clients a storefront where they can walk into a space that is full of beautiful designs that you can touch as they take your breath away without making the journey to New York or Chicago. “In fact, do it on your lunch hour,” she says. “Creating an approachable, beautiful, and convenient retail destination is very exciting to our team.”

Salyers says she’s got a lot more up her sleeve than this new move, but for now she’s focused on opening up the new space.

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