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A local 12 year old entrepreneur and aspiring fashion designer recently launched an eccentric fannypack line. Read for more!

At only 12 years old, Erikka Franklin already has fashion designer and entrepreneur on her resume.

Franklin recently designed and launched Fannysofab, a fannypack line she says is based on uniqueness, creativity, individuality and fun.

“I was very crafty when I was younger,” Franklin recalls. “One day my cousin gifted me a small sewing kit, which consisted of small fabric patches and a needle and thread. As I started to experiment with the kit, I learned that I had a love for crafts and fashion. I used the fabric patches to make doll clothes.” 

Her passion for fashion runs deeper than a sewing kit, though. “I learned lots of tips for sewing from my grandma, YouTube videos and my mother,” Franklin explains. “As I got older, I started to create fashion pieces for real people. My favorite clothing piece to design are skirts and shorts.” 

She says she also loves to upcycle clothing. 

Fannysofab is currently a ready-to-wear and custom-made fannypack line. “I make them according to your liking,” says Franklin, adding that she has several pre-made designs as well. “I use pins and patches and lots of rhinestones to make it unique.”

Franklin currently has an online storefront where she receives orders for her custom and pre-made designs. She says the feedback she receives from customers is what fuels her. 

“I love to design because it shows a creative side of me,” Franklin explains. “It is a way to express myself and make me feel good.” She adds that the part that she loves most about designing is that her pieces can boost someone‘s confidence or or make them smile.

As for Franklin’s future, she says she will continue to pursue fashion design, but she also wants to be a lawyer and a gymnast.

To learn more, follow along on Instagram or visit her online shop.