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One lens, many frames. That’s the idea behind Frameri.


Essentially, with Frameri glasses, you have lenses that snap in and out of a variety of Frameri frames – allowing you to own a single pair of prescription lenses or sun lenses and move them between an array of boutique quality frames.


“The inspiration for the concept was from me not being able to treat glasses as an accessory,” says Konrad Billetz, CEO and Founder of Frameri. “I would put together an outfit with a bag, shoes, clothes, etc., but my glasses were the only thing I was never able to change. I only had one pair of glasses and they were expensive, so I though the Frameri system could be better – and that’s what we set out to do.”


Frameri offers handmade Italian frames for $100 and lenses for $100 a pair – designing and sourcing everything in-house without a middleman. “We love that we have changed something for the better,” says Billetz. “We made our glasses with the customer in mind and we are happy to bring to market a product that is fashion-forward, smart and design-oriented.”


Since launching last July, Frameri has already started working on expanding their capabilities on the prescription side. “We offer progressive lenses, higher prescriptions and some awesome sun lenses – all processed in-house in our OTR optical lab,” says Billetz. “We are also expanding the frame options. We introduced new colors in our Holiday Collection and are working on new styles, sizes and colors as we speak to release in 2015.”


Above all, Billetz wants to shake up what he refers to as a “rather boring industry” and challenge the way things have always been done in an effort to make glasses better for the people who actually wear them. “As we continue to grow and build our brand, you’ll see many new frames choices, new lens choices, and a whole lot more fun,” he says.


As for what sets Frameri apart, Billetz says their product improves the experience of wearing glasses. “Our team is dedicated to making the glasses system about the glasses-wearer,” he adds. “We wanted to make the highest quality frames available, and we did it.”


“We have created something new in an industry that’s been lacking in innovation for quite some time,” he continues. “Most notably though, we have no experience in the industry – we’ve learned everything on our own as we go, which is a further testament to our drive to make glasses better.”


Beyond providing new jobs, Billetz says the early success of Frameri and other notable Cincy startups shows how important the startup culture is becoming in Cincinnati.


“Fueled by The Brandery, CincyTech, and Cintrifuse, the startup community is becoming as vibrant in Cincinnati as it is just about anywhere,” says Billetz. “It’s really special to get to call Cincinnati home for us. One of our big goals for 2015 is finding ways to engage with our local community more as well as with other local startups.”


Watch the video below to see how they work. To learn more, visit or email Frameri at Plus, Billetz says, “Anyone local to Cincinnati can set up a time to drop by our office and check out the glasses in person.”