Juneberry Boutique

Juneberry Boutique

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A husband-and-wife team launched a boutique in Anderson Township. See how they keep the fresh ideas and inventory flowing and even found a way to keep the men entertained!

Tammy Milne and her husband Brian are the owners behind Juneberry Boutique.

An avid lover of boutiques, Milne and her husband always talked about the idea of one day opening a boutique of her own.

“When Brian retired, he encouraged me to go for it,” says Milne. “I could not have started this journey without him.”

That encouragement led to the opening of Juneberry Boutique in Anderson Township.

Milne knew from the very beginning that she wanted her boutique to be different than the others you can find around town. She says that she wants everyone who walks through the doors to feel welcome.

“I value each and every one of our customers,” she says. “I love talking and sharing stories and getting to know so many wonderful people in and around the community.”

At Juneberry Boutique, you can find more than just clothing. There are accessories and specialty items as well that Milne says are reasonably priced.

To help keep things fresh in the store, Milne is always rotating inventory, changing styles, and working hard to find pretty and casual pieces from a variety of companies.

“With the help of my wonderful friend Jen we love getting to know what our customers are looking for in styles,” she adds.

At Juneberry Boutique you can find a wall of earrings in addition to specialty items made from “makers.”

Milne says that at Juneberry Boutique you can find brands like Old Whaling Co., Buffalo Girls Salvage, Piper Lou, Studio Penny Lane, Joy Susan, and Headbands for Hope.

The boutique isn’t just for the ladies, though. There’s also a “Dude’s Room,” which was Milne’s husband’s idea and has been a huge hit among male customers. “Fellas can watch some television while the ladies shop,” she says.

There’s a lot on the horizon for Juneberry Boutique as the store continues to grow and continually refreshes its inventory to meet the needs and wants of customers.

Juneberry Boutique is located at 1971 8 Mile Road. To learn more, visit their Facebook page where you can find new styles as well as upcoming events. Milne says that she soon hopes to offer online sales.