Knotty Scarves, Grey Hall Design

Knotty Scarves, Grey Hall Design

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A local lady turns her dreams into artwork, and then her artwork into luxury accessories that help women up their “chic” game. Read on for more.


Grey Hall is the founder of Grey Hall Design and The Knotty Scarf.

Grey Hall is always dreaming in color. Vibrant colors to be exact. “I dream of artwork I want to transform into products my customers will love,” she says.

As someone who would often become discouraged with shopping because she could never quite find the outfits she’d envisioned in her mind, she wanted to create something that would allow her to look chic without the big closet (and big price tag that often come with big closets).

She says that she always envisions Parisians when it comes to fashion. How did they look so chic so effortlessly? Hall believes it’s one simple answer: scarves. “Scarves are their defining accessory to make every black, gray, and other black outfit in their armoire look reinvented, classic, modern, and effortlessly put together for the catwalk each time they pop outside,” she says.

With a grandmother who once hand-painted silk scarves, Hall began to think about producing the same types of silk scarves that would solve the gap she believed fashion was missing.

That’s when she launched The Knotty Scarf, a line of scarves specifically created to make luxury attainable. “There is a significant gap between haute fashion brand quality and level of design versus mainstream shopping,” explains Hall. “But why does this have to be so? We are in the era of digital transformation where affordability can now be the bridge to achieving the most beautiful high-end quality without the significant price tag.”

Through her Cincinnati-based brand, The Knotty Scarf, Hall not only wants to create beautiful pieces of art that customers can wear, but she also wants to make luxury accessible. “The question should not be, ‘Can I afford this gorgeous accessory as a staple in my wardrobe?’, but instead, the question should be ‘Which design theme is the most beautiful to me?'”

Hall doesn’t have formal training in art, but she has been sketching and sewing from her earliest memories. “I developed and strengthened my skills in art through observing and learning from my mom, Fran Hall, a commercial artist who was a graphic designer for Delta Airlines before Photoshop existed,” she says.

Growing up in a family with a deep appreciation for art, she found that she naturally gravitated toward creative entrepreneurship. Her business also receives help from her sister, Page Hall, who offers ongoing creative collaboration and trend inspiration. “She and I have a long-term vision for future products that we’re excited to introduce over the next 18 months.”

Hall’s scarf designs date back to 2008 when she because translating her artwork to silk for a non-profit that is close to her heart, Starfire Council’s Artability Fundraiser to benefit teens and adults with disabilities.

Grey Hall finds inspiration for her scarves from her travels and passions.

“This opportunity was the driver into exploring my artwork on textiles,” she says. She soon had the privilege of designing custom scarves for the Cincinnati Reds, P&G London Olympic Games, the Washington D.C. White House Gift Shop, and an Australian fashion designer. “I have to say, the most challenging of all was gaining artwork approval from the International Olympic Committee,” she jokingly adds.

The Knotty Scarf pieces are 100 percent silk. Hall offers 18 designs with two sizes available as well as a 100 percent cashmere scarf with Turkish tassels, and hopes to offer necklaces and other types of jewelry soon.

As her business continues to grow, Hall will focus on creating original silk scarves inspired by her travels and passions. Currently, Hall’s Etsy site includes a few Cincinnati favorites that make for unique holiday and hostess gifts such as cutting boards, prints of iconic scenes, and coasters.

In addition to The Knotty Scarf, Hall is also the owner of Grey Hall Design, a lifestyle brand bringing original hand-painted artwork to everyday living. “With watercolor as my primary medium, my illustration doodles are designed with home and fashion in mind,” says Hall. “The time-honored tradition of handcrafted elegance and attention to detail is the focal point of every piece.”

Hall says that she will continue with her ventures in both collaboration and giving back. She is currently in the early stages of working with Starfire members that have a passion for art and working with them to transform their creativity to wearable art.

To learn more about The Knotty Scarf, follow along on Instagram or check out Hall’s Etsy shop. You can learn more about Grey Hall Design on Instagram or at when the stand-alone site launches in early November.

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