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This local pet bakery offers fresh treats and even a little fashion for Fido. Read on for all the tasty details.

If you like to think outside the store-bought box, check out MaiRo & Co. This locally-based dog treat bakery offers unusual treats and gifts for your furry friends. 

Stephen Drace, the Founder of MaiRo & Co says that the inspiration behind the business came from his first three dogs: Maisie, Rosie, and Coco. “Maisie, she would beg for food from the table, especially peanut butter toast, or anything with cheese,” says Drace. “Looking for store-bought treats to give her, we couldn’t find anything that wasn’t over-processed or full of chemicals, so we created our own recipes.”

The first treated offered by MaiRo & Co was peanut butter, and it’s still a customer favorite today. After the treats were made, Drace found that friends were wanting treats for their dogs, so the batches got bigger and bigger. 

Then, when Drace moved to the Queen City in 2008, he saw that there wasn’t a business out there like his. So he opened the doors to MaiRo & Co. 

Drace, in collaboration with his co-founder husband, run the business along with their trusty test team of Coco, a Shepherd mix rescue, and their Otterhound boys Huck and Oscar. 

MaiRo & Co offers traditional hard treats for pets in lots of flavors and even includes a grain-free line, but the store is mostly known for its baked goods and pastries. 

“We offer doggie donuts, including our famous Flying Pig, as well as woofie sticks, cookies, celebration cakes, and more,” explains Drace. “For special events, we have made everything from doggie goetta sliders to Pride puppy pops, and this being Cincinnati, doggie pretzels for Oktoberfest, of course. And we love working with people to create custom cakes and other treats for their dogs.”

Additionally, MaiRo & Co sells handmade ties to fancy up your furry friends. “When our Huckleberry was going to be a year old, his breeder wanted a ‘big boy’ picture of him,” explains Drace. “I grabbed a tie from my closet and repurposed it for Huck, thinking it would be funny, but he looked quite dapper. We introduced a few at our next event, and I soon ran out of ties. Now we upcycle them, so each one is handmade and unique. We offer long and short ties, and we’ve added bow ties as well to give your dog that smarter look. The best part is, no tying required.”

Drace says that there are two things that make MaiRo & Co unique. The first is the creativity offered at the store. “Our donut designs and other specialty items can’t be found anywhere else, and our custom work means every dog owner can get exactly what they want,” he says. 

Second, he says, everything at MaiRo & Co is baked fresh and small batch, with all-natural ingredients and no additives or preservatives. “I make the peanut butter,” says Drace. “We locally source, and, in fact, the eggs come from our own hens. If I can’t spell it, why would I want to give it to my dog?”

MaiRo & Co will be bringing back Santa Paws for this year. That means the bakery will introduce new surprises and bring back favorites including the edible Snowflake Tree Ornament, as well as gift ideas for humans including treat jars and more. “Want want to be your one-stop treat shop for you and your pets,” says Drace.

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