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MEAS Active

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An activewear brand with local ties launched a year ago and has experienced tremendous growth. Read on for more.

MEAS got its start back in 2019 when Erin Roddy launched her brand. With a year of accomplishments behind her, she’s looking forward to 2020. 

“Since March 2019, MEAS was able to raise $30,000 with a Kickstarter campaign to bring the brand to life,” she says. “This success allowed MEAS to go into our first production run on 5 of our staple, performance lead styles including the Evie Sports Bra with front stash pocket, Zola leggings with 5-pocket storage, Naoko Biker short with 3-pocket storage, Flojo run short with 2-pocket storage and inner lining, and the Mary Mesh Tank.”

In addition to launching the brand, MEAS also made their first public appearance at the 2019 Cincinnati Flying Pig Expo to showcase some of the pieces from the line.

In December 2019, Roddy says the brand launched the collection Lux-leisure, which she says is an assortment of high quality, fashionable pieces like a trendy sherpa jacket and a fleece cape. 

“These pieces can be used to elevate your activewear look from post-workout to post-brunch,” she says.

The brand aims to empower women along their health and wellness journey, while also giving back to non-profit organizations with similar missions. “We are a brand owned by women, for women, offering high-quality, fashionable activewear that celebrates and empowers women,” she says.

As the brand continues to expand, Roddy says she’s excited to launch the newest MEAS Active collection, Studio to Street. “It’s our fashionable, low-impact activewear line,” she says. “This bridges the gap between our original Performance collection that is fashionable, high-function, and run-focused, and fashionable activewear that can be worn from barre class to brunch.”

The line will be showcased at the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon Expo in May, Roddy says. 

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