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Remi Tees

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Learn more about this new company transforming everyday activities that bring joy into stylish t-shirts.

If it brings you joy, you’ll probably find it celebrated on a Remi Tees. Launched in June 2020, the Cincinnati-based company delivers unique t-shirts about the everyday life. 

“Our company was founded on turning a bad situation into something fun,” says founder Nancy Rembold. “Launching in the middle of a pandemic has been a great way to get our creative juices flowing and gave us something to look forward to each day.” 

Each t-shirt has a simple design of one word with an “-ing” at the end. Phrases such as beer-ing, smore-ing, happy hour-ing, and coney-ing are included on their extensive list of designs.“Our brainstorm sessions when it comes to our designs are just about us talking about things we are ‘doing,’” says Rembold. “Whether it be traveling somewhere, starting school or going out with friends, we want to make the simple activities in life more fun.” 

If customers have a specific saying they would like on the shirt, the team is happy to print anything with an additional $3 charge a shirt. Remi Tees is a lot more than just spirited t-shirts, the support behind the company holds a lot of joy. 


“Our grandma goes by ‘Rockin’ Remy’ and we wanted it to be a family company and attract customers of all ages,” says Remold. “We decided to name the company after a family name because our first few ideas we generated were centered around the joyful, simple things we do with our families in our own lives – wine, cocktails and food.” 

You can connect with Remi Tees on Facebook and Instagram. If you are interested in purchasing a t-shirt, you can order through this form or by visiting LouLou’s Boutique. Once the form is completed, Remi Tees will send a confirmation e-mail and Square invoice with order total. Shipping and pick-up are available. Click here to watch a live release of the latest designs from Remi Tees on Sept. 17 at 5:30 with a virtual happy hour on Cincy Chic’s Facebook page.