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Sophia James Designs

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Inspired by her daughters, an Ohio native launched a new handmade jewelry line, with ready-to-wear and customizable options. See how you can shop her collection from the comfort of home.

Andi Lantz Rothfeld is a mom of two, she’s also an entrepreneur and excelling at both. Lantz Rothfeld is the founder of Sophia James Designs, a jewelry line handmade by the mom of two and named after her daughters Lily Sophia and Chloe James. 

“What started out as a passion has grown into a successful business,” she says. “I started making bracelets for myself with my kids’ names on them to add a little pizazz to everyday outfits.”

What was once a fun way for her to take her mind off everything else, it then grew into something much more than that. 

“I was getting so many compliments and requests to make for friends so I graciously accepted and soon started making more and more designs to go with those bracelets,” she says. “My older daughter, age 5, was getting curious into the beading I was doing at night and now that it has turned into a business it’s been fun to teach her how to be a mom boss and an entrepreneur. Now I love to design custom stacks made specifically for the customer in mind.”

The products offered by Sophia James Designs include customized bracelets, stacks, chain link bracelets and necklaces, charm bracelets and necklaces, men’s bracelets, and children’s DIY kits, with birthday party kits available as well. 

Lantz Rothfeld says that the most important part to her in making her jewelry for Sophia James Designs is offering personalization for her customers. “We have some styles that are traditional and make for a great gift if you want to pre-select an existing style, however many customers have so much fun designing their own customized pieces,” she says. 

Customers can start with a classic bracelet and personalize it to their own unique style. The shop is also constantly adding new charms and colors to the collection and clients have the opportunity to design for their personality.

Lantz Rothfeld also creates specialized designs to resonate with current world affairs. “For example, we have a ‘Loveland’ bracelet for both Black Lives Matter and Pride Month right now, as well as a line for No Kid Hungry, where a portion of the proceeds are being donated to those specific charities,” she adds.

Sophia James Designs is always expanding its offerings, and tries to introduce a new style one to two times per week. Currently they are focusing on fun colors for summer and also making a line of bracelets with messages of love and hope to spark happiness to customers.

“Simply wearing the word Love or Hope, or having hematite, a very protective stone that can help you stay grounded in many situations, on a bracelet can remind you to take a deep breath in a stressful moment and reset,” says Lantz Rothfeld. “We will continue to focus on personalization but also will be planning our holiday lines for people who want to choose an easy holiday gift for their loved ones.”

You can shop the line from Sophia James Designs on Facebook and Instagram. They will also be launching a website soon.