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Spoons & Such

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These are the survivors of the fashion world. Learn how one local lady is turning antiques and gemstones into stylish accessories.


Spoons and Such, run by Hannah Thees, uses antique flatware to create unique jewelry.

Spoons & Such is a jewelry company run by one Hannah Thees. By using antique flatware, sterling silver, and precious gemstones including turquoise, jasper, moonstone, and opal, Thees is able to create her one-of-a-kind pieces. She believes her work is a fresh, timeless take on the traditional spoon jewelry.

Thees says the name Spoons & Such comes from the fact that when she first started making jewelry, she was working primarily with antique silverware such as spoons, forks, and knifes.

“The first piece I made was a spoon ring for my mom (and she still wears it!). I wanted to create a name that fit with the materials I was using but also gave me room to grow and expand, hence the ‘& Such,’” she explains. “I am very thankful now for that ‘& Such’ because my work has grown from just a simple spoon ring to much more.”

But how did she originally start working with jewelry? Believe it or not, Thees actually attended Columbus College of Art and Design for illustration. It wasn’t until her final semester of her final year that she discovered her true passion when she took a jewelry class.

“From the moment I sat down that first day of class I knew jewelry was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. It was the first class ever, where stayed late to work on projects, and it was the first class where I pulled an all-nighter to work on piece,” Thees recalls. “It was the first class that made me excited about what I was doing and I didn’t ever want to stop creating.”

Fast forward a few years later and she is still living her dream. Thees is creating and selling pieces she loves, and that are constantly changing. Spoons & Such doesn’t necessarily have “collections” but always has new pieces coming out which is why Thees believes her customers keep coming back for more: her ever-changing style. Inspiration is everywhere, but Thees specifically recalls last year when she embarked on a trip to Tucson, Arizona, which ended up inspiring a lot of her pieces.

“I would have to say that my trip to Tucson, Arizona in 2016 had a huge influence on style,” she says. “I just fell in love with the southwest and all the designs and colors that are used in Native American jewelry. I really wanted to bring that feeling into my work while still using antique flatware and recycled materials.”

Hannah Thees, Creator behind Spoons and Such

Spoons & Such can be found a variety of ways including Etsy, Instagram, and Thees’ personal favorite: art shows. Thees says it’s really important for her to be able to travel, not only to get inspiration, but also because she loves meeting her customers face-to-face and talking, as it makes her personal experience that much more special and fulfilling.

“Spoons & Such is unique because it’s not something you find everywhere. It’s spoon jewelry re-invented, it’s gemstone jewelry but with an added twist, and it’s not just what’s on trend now, it’s quality jewelry that is timeless,” Thees says. “If you’re looking for something you won’t find anywhere else, something that your friends and family will compliment on, and something that makes you feel and look good, then check us out! You won’t regret it.”

To shop and find more information on Spoons & Such, check out her Esty shop and Facebook page.