Style Edit Your New Year!

Style Edit Your New Year!

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Lots of clothes but nothing to wear? Marsha Ashley and Brock Maitland know the feeling. That’s why they launched Style Edit.


Style Edit is a Cincinnati based wardrobe styling business, helping women and men across the Tri-State to revamp, edit, cultivate and distinguish their style. Style Edit offers personalized wardrobe consultations and advice on fashion trends, clothing and cuts that work best for their clients.


They also works with corporate clients – such as magazines, production companies, designers, department stores and boutiques – to style photo shoots, dress store windows, host events, act as creative directors, and speak on upcoming trends.


When this dynamic duo first launched Style Edit in Spring 2011, they were just two friends who were new to the Queen City. They met in a marketing class at the University of Kentucky in 2004 and their passion for fashion instantly brought them together.


Just before they launched Style Edit, Maitland says the two were working downtown and in search of style inspiration. “We created our blog and immediately immersed ourselves in the growing fashion scene in the city,” says Maitland. “A few months later, we launched our styling company, Style Edit.”


Now that they’ve been in business for several years now, Maitland says that she and Ashley have had the pleasure of working with incredible partners, including Saks Cincinnati. They’ve also been able to grow their client base extensively and continue to expand their brand’s awareness. “We’ve also narrowed into how the majority of Cincinnatians approach fashion and style,” Maitland explains.


Whether your budget is unlimited or tighter than a pair of leather pants, Style Edit can help. While they can shop for and add new key pieces to clients’ wardrobe, Maitland says revamping your wardrobe isn’t always about buying something new.

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In fact, clients often hire Style Edit because they just want to see their wardrobe with new eyes. In that case, Maitland says, they look through the client’s wardrobe to offer advice on how to wear certain pieces, pair together outfits the client wouldn’t have coordinated otherwise, and even pull items to be altered to update the cut or better fit the client.


“There are different body types and varied goals people want to accomplish with their clothes,” says Maitland. “And we’re able to help both readers and clients alike navigate them.”


Maitland says they especially love to help clients re-think and expand their wardrobe options with seasonless dressing. “We always advocate repurposing summer favorites for the fall, and even winter,” she says. “Think of a maxi dress you loved in the summer and try pairing it with a chunky knit sweater and suede slouch boots.”


Maitland says that Style Edit has some exciting things on the horizon, and they’ll be making the big announcement soon on their new website,


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First Photo by: Saeide Kmi & Siavash Yansori
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