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Wing & King

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 King & Wing cuff. Photo by Annette Navarro.


Kelsey Wing and Colin King are self-proclaimed “Animal Recyclers.” While that doesn’t sound like a glamorous job, it very much is.


King & Wing cuffs

These two local fashion aficionados crossed paths by near accident. Possibly it was providence that brought the two together, but one thing that’s certain is the two are as well matched as a great bag and shoe. “We found that we had nearly identical tastes in fashion,” says Colin King, co-founder of Wing & King. “We’ve been working together on various projects ever since.”


These two have now created a fabulous faction of the fashion industry called Wing & King. Their pieces, cuff bracelets, are made from recycled animal hides. “All this amazing material was going to waste and we started tacking it onto our clothes and accessories until Kelsey came up with our first design,” says King.


And while they’re not hitting the shelves at retail stores just yet, they’re already making a marked impact in the fashion market. “We haven’t officially debuted our first line of cuffs yet but have already sold out the first three lines of production,” King explains. The cuff designs they do currently have can be viewed on the Wing & King Facebook page. “The average price is $80 for the single button and $110 for the double button,” says King.



The cuffs seem to be an up and coming trend. In fact, Wing & King recently styled Miss Ohio 2012, Audrey Bolte, with one of their cuffs on national television. Even the stars are unable to resist their designs. “When Audrey wore [our cuff] on the Today Show, Kelly Ripa asked her where she got her cuff because she wanted one,” King explains.


Animal fur has long since been a shocking and controversial fashion statement, but Wing & King say they’re bringing this type of fashion back to the “good guy” side of the battlefield. “There has been a positive reaction to our designs because of the recycling of waste materials,” says King. When animals are utilized for food, says King, their skins are left behind as a waste material which is now being repurposed into the field of fashion.


To learn more and stay updated on new designs, visit the Wing & King Facebook page.