Borrowed Time Market

Borrowed Time Market

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    A local entrepreneur wanted to offer clients a one-stop-shop when it comes to event planning. That idea turned into another idea and now she's launching a market with vintage, antique, and other home decor.

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    If you’ve ever planned a party, gathering, wedding, reunion or big-group-get-together, then you know that the process of bringing it all together can be exhausting and time consuming. To help combat the difficult parts of hosting an event so you can actually enjoy it, Andrea Tarter created Borrowed Time Market. 

    “Borrowed Time Market is a multi-functional space that houses our rental decor for Borrowed Time Events and offers and event space for small parties and gatherings,” explains Tarter. “The front of our shop is our small brick-and-mortar, which sells vintage, retro, and modern decor.”

    Andrea Tarter, founder of Borrowed Time Market

    As the Owner, Coordinator, and Stylist of Borrowed Time Market and Borrowed Time Events, Tarter takes on the task of providing clients with the decor they need to successfully host their gathering. 

    When it came to creating Borrowed Time Market, Tarter says that it was her own desire to find an event rental company that she could work with instead of purchasing decor that would end up in storage.

    “So, in 2018, I launched Borrowed Time Events, an event planning and decor rental company,” she says. “Over two years we gathered hundreds of items and eventually ran out of warehouse space.”

    All of the inventory from Borrowed Time Events and Borrowed Time Market are housed in a shop on Main Street in Old Milford. 

    “Since middle school, I have always wanted to have an antique store,” says Tarter. “When planning our move to a bigger space, I hoped to find a location that would function as all three: shop, rental warehouse, and event space. In mid-July I spotted a ‘for rent’ sign in Milford and called that evening. I was the first to call and signed the papers two weeks later.”

    For Tarter, having her own shop has given her what she and her company needed – a rental space, a small brick-and-mortar, and a rental warehouse. 

    Inventory and products are housed at the store that is more than 100 years old. The doors opened on October 26, 2019. Typically, the store is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 12-4 pm, unless there is an event going on.

    With COVID-19, however, the store hasn’t been open to customers. But that doesn’t mean Tarter hasn’t been planning for summer. In fact, she ordered new summer inventory in hopes of opening in mid-May. 

    Since she can’t bring customers into her store, Tarter recently hosted an Instagram sale, giving others the opportunity to shop and find things that spark joy in them. “We held our first-ever Instagram sale on Sunday, April 5,” explains Tarter. “It was a lot of work, but definitely worth it. We sold roughly 90 percent of the items posted and gained many new customers. The sale influenced our decision to launch an online shop. We thoroughly appreciated the support!”

    If the grand re-opening of Borrowed Time Market is delayed due to COVID-19, Tarter says she will host another Instagram sale. 

    And with Mother’s Day around the corner, Borrowed Time Market is offering special Mother’s Day gift sets that can be picked up at the shop or shipped to your home. “It includes a Mother’s Day candle, tea towel, ‘Mama Bear’ coffee mug, organic bath bomb, and a card,” she says. “All proceeds help support local and small, women-owned businesses.”

    Tarter will be launching a blog in the next couple of weeks and finishing the opening of her online store. As for 2020, the event planning goal is to focus on fundraising for non-profits. “We love working with our community and we believe in using our skillsets to help those in need,” she says. “We have already partnered with multiple non-profits in Cincinnati and are excited for the upcoming events.”

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