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    A local style enthusiast, who spent the last decade guiding women to more edited and effortless wardrobes, recently relocated her women's clothing boutique from Chicago to the Mariemont Strand. Read on for more on her story and a sneak peek inside.

    Maura Conine left the Queen City for the Windy City in 2015. When she left she started her own business, CAPSULE, a women’s boutique that combined her love of fashion with her experience as a personal stylist. 

    After years with a brick and mortar store located in the Beverly neighborhood of Chicago, Conine and her family found themselves back in Cincinnati. She was determined to find a way to keep her boutique open. For several months, she ran it remotely from Cincinnati, but found that the store was so intertwined with her personality that she needed to close the doors there and open new ones here.

    “I opened a store, not to run it from afar,” she says. “I opened a store to be there every day and to mix with my customers and to learn about their lifestyles and to learn about what was going on with their families. I became friends with my customers.” Nevertheless, the “remote boutique” was a worthy experiment, as it showed a clearer way forward for Conine and her business. “I’m glad I did it,” she says. “It gave me the time to realize that I still wanted to do it. I still had the passion for it.”

    Conine’s search for a storefront came to an end when the former Sara Benjamin’s doors closed. She knew she wanted to be in Mariemont and it was perfect timing. 

    “And the fact that a space opened up was like kismet,” she says. “That I was able to acquire that space pushed me forward to jump off the cliff and just go for it.”

    At Capsule, Conine wants to help each customer who walks through the door find a wardrobe that is based on her lifestyle, needs, and aesthetic. “A capsule wardrobe is an edited collection of clothes made out of versatile and complimentary pieces that can be mixed and matched to create many different looks,” she explains. “Our goal at CAPSULE is to get to know each of our customers in order to better guide her to the pieces that will work best for her individual needs and inspire her to try something new!”

    Capsule is located at 6810 Wooster Pike in Mariemont. Summer hours for the store at Tuesday through Saturday from 10a-6p. You can visit the website or follow along on Facebook and Instagram.