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    You’ve heard of caricatures but have you heard of a car-cature? For our annual men’s issue, we chat with a local artist who blends his love for art and everything engine-powered with these supercharged customized cartoons.

    Image: Danny Wise

    Danny Wise is all about cars and art, so when he combined the two into a new creative project he came up with Car-Catures. 

    “Car-Cature, or ‘car’ toons, as they are being called around car shows, are one-of-a-kind works of art,” says Wise. “Caricatures are cartoon versions of you, but Car-Catures are cartoon versions of you car.”

    Wise knows that each car has its own personality and attitude, and that’s exactly what he tries to capture in each piece that he creates for customers.

    “I love cars and I love talking to owners about their rides and the history of the car,” he explains. “The owner and I talk about what kind of background they would like to have and I draw it.”

    And while Wise loves all things cars, he’s not limited to just drawing caricatures of cars,  he will also draw planes, trains, boats, and bikes. “If it’s gasoline powered, or battery powered for that matter, I draw it,” he adds.

    Wise’s art experience goes back to the Art Institute of Colorado, where he graduated from in 2008. Since then he’s worked on project with Big Grin Productions as well as freelance work – including his Car-Catures.

    The supercharged cartoons of cars allow Wise to not only work as an artist but to work around something he loves – cars. 

    To learn more about Wise and his work, visit You can also “like” his Car-Catures Facebook page.