Circle the Center Retreats

Circle the Center Retreats

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    One local lady is helping others connect through the healing powers of water. Keep reading to learn more about her inspiration, watershed results, and the wowing locations she plans to take retreat attendees this year.


    Circle the Center Retreats aims to help people find their inner selves while connecting them to sacred bodies of water.

    Seleka Behrs is inspired by the water and the way it moves.

    “The ripples, the whirlpools, the waves, the stagnant water – all are metaphors for our emotions and thoughts,” she says.

    The movement of water and the desire to connect others with their inner selves inspired Behrs to open Circle the Center Retreats, a place that connects participants to Mother Earth’s healing waters of hot springs, oceans, lakes, rivers, and waterfalls all over the world.

    “These adventures build and reinforce harmonious connections of the body, mind, and soul,” says Behrs. “Circle the Center Retreats exists to assist participants in practices of self-care, self-love, and self-governance.”

    Behrs believes that as people, we can all relate to our inner selves through the healing, elemental powers of water. “We recognize circling the center is expressed in the symbolism of spirals, labyrinths, mandalas, and the infinity sign and aim to incorporate those symbols into our work.”

    Behrs serves as the Director for Circle the Center and is also the local Chapter President of the Holistic Chamber of commerce. Her formal education and personal development led her to offer workshops and retreats that draw from a broad base of holistic health modalities. She’s also passionate about collaboration with others and that drives her to seek complementary practitioners and healing artists as facilitators and vision creators.

    Seleka Behrs, founder of Circle the Center Retreats

    While the concept behind Circle the Center is unique in itself, the Center’s dedication to promoting local entrepreneurs, increasing awareness of non-profit charities in the area, and supporting eco-tourism to help heal the community and the planet are second to none.

    “We collaborate with local guides, holistic helpers, and talented artists to offer retreat participants diverse opportunities to learn, grow, and heal with a local’s touch,” says Behrs. “Every retreat is rooted near sacred waters.”

    Behrs says that her favorite part of directing Circle the Center is introducing people to treasures they may not have otherwise found.

    “Adventuring out in the local world, and diving deep into the inner world, are the polarities that get me going,” she says. “Guiding and supporting others in their own adventures brings warmth to my heart and excitement to my eyes.”

    There is definitely no shortage when it comes to adventures. Behrs says that she currently has various types of trips in the works, with the first retreat in Ohio being offered April 21-23 at East Fork Lake State Park. “It’s a camping retreat with yoga, hiking, emotional empowerment workshops, a nature scavenger hunt, campfire music and story time, and a cacao ceremony,” says Behrs.

    This summer, Circle the Center will offer a canine companion-centered retreat at a state park where there is an unleashed dog park facility. To complete this trip, the Center is collaborating with a canine trainer to develop yoga sequences and workshops geared to encourage the bonds of human-to-dog and vice versa. The trip will be held over the 3-day course of a full moon.

    Then, in October, Circle the Center is hosting a retreat in the Los Angeles area. “We are in collaboration with some other Holistic Chamber of Commerce chapters/members and look forward to revealing more details as they are solidified,” she adds.

    Retreats will head out of the country from December through February and venture to Rincon, Puerto Rico. The first retreat is scheduled for the second week of December and is titled Creativity for Chocolate Lovers. “This retreat is located in an upscale hostel set in the hills overlooking the ocean,” says Behrs. “We will tour an organic cacao farm, have fun with community art and painting, and experience yoga on the beach. There will also be healthy chocolate cooking classes throughout the week.”

    Aside from pre-planned retreats, Circle the Center offers made-to-order retreats for small businesses looking to develop teamwork through personal development for their staff. “I meet with the business owner to discuss their price point, location preference, menu ideas, and goals for the workshops,” says Behrs. “From the beginning, it is a collaboration tailored to their specific group.”

    Behrs spent 2015 and 2016 contemplating and scout locations across the United States, Central America, and Puerto Rico. This year is the first year the retreats become a reality that others can share, starting at home base near Cincinnati.

    To learn more about Circle the Center, visit You can also like them on Facebook.

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