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    Learn about an exciting new program that’s extending its diversity efforts to help women ignite their ideas, fuel their passions and access the resources they need to thrive personally and professionally.


    Aviatra Accelerators exists to empower female entrepreneurs. This means all female entrepreneurs.

    “We enable women to start and sustain businesses by giving them the resources they need to be successful,” according to the Aviatra Accelerators website. “Through our expertise in business basics, guidance from mentors and coaches, and accessor to capital, we continuously encourage our members to move forward, and we embrace them when they return, helping to refuel and reignite their passions.”

    Participants in Aviatra Accelerators’ new EXPLORE program for Women of Color

    Through the many programs, courses, and curriculums at the nonprofit organization, Aviatra Accelerators now offers EXPLORE for Women of Color. 

    “EXPLORE WOC is a dedicated cohort just for women of color,” explains Aviatra Accelerators CEO and President Nancy Aichholz. “It is our early stage, ideating/validation curriculum. Just like all our EXPLORE courses, it is 9 weeks and the output is a Canvas Business Plan for their idea.” 

    The goal behind EXPLORE WOC is to turn ideas that can be monetized into well-organized businesses. And together, with the entrepreneurs they work with, Aviatra Accelerators offers inclusion for the diverse population in the EXPLORE classes to help keep women of color engaged after the course ends. 

    “We teamed up with Sherry Sims behind Black Career women’s Network, and also a two-time Aviatra alum, who felt we could better engage these women if they had a chance to see more women who looked like them affiliated with Aviatra,” says Aichholz. 

    Thus far, Aviatra has seen great success with the cohort comprised of 17 women who meet at Aviatra on Wednesday nights and offer up a ton of energy. 

    Aviatra partnered with Sherry Sims of Black Career women’s Network to launch the new EXPLORE program

    The 9-week course covers many different topics to help entrepreneurs get their business model going. Some of the topics covered include things under the umbrella of “Setting Up a Business” and include banking, accounting, and personal credit. 

    Not only is the EXPLORE WOC program unique, but all of the programs at Aviatra Accelerators are unique because they focus solely on females and support businesses at all stages and across all industries. 

    “We have served over 2,000 women, have created well over 10,000 jobs, and our women have impressive combined earned revenues annually over $200 million,” says Aichholz. “Aviatra, however, is a true 501(c)3. We do not take equity in our women’s businesses at this time but we do work hard to find them appropriate funding for their businesses.”

    The next event for Aviatria Accelerators is an info session on March 5 from 5-6:30pm. The info session will introduce women to all of the options the organization has coming up this year for start-up support and ongoing business training. “The third Thursday of every month we have a GROW workshop with a variety of topics,” says Aichholz. “We also do Networking Happy Hours.”

    Aichholz says that the women of Color Cohorts presented by Macy’s and HCDC are the biggest news at the moment, but you can keep an eye out for the online curriculum called Aviatra365.

    To learn more about Aviatra Accelerators, visit aviatra.org. You can also keep an eye out on Eventbrite for upcoming events. Aichholz says that workshops and happy hours are for everyone – not just women. Information on info sessions and other events can also be found on the website. 

    To get involved with EXPLORE and Aviatra, send an email to info@aviatra.org or visit aviatra.org/getstarted