FENNOFashion Roaming Boutique

FENNOFashion Roaming Boutique

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    See how this mama turned her pipe dream into a new roving boutique that gives the community something new and unique while giving her the work-life balance she craves -- one handmade accessory at a time.

    Megan Fenno is making her dream come true with her new mobile boutique featuring handmade jewelry. The Fenno Fashion Roaming Boutique is a boutique on wheels, and the first of its kind in the Cincinnati area.

    “What I love about the truck is that it’s opened up a lot of new opportunities for the business,” she says. “Including the ability to bring it to private parties and to summer markets and pop-up events without the worry of bad weather damaging the jewelry and tags.”

    While she launched Fenno Fashion over a decade ago, after becoming a mom and battling health issues, Fenno decided to launch the boutique truck concept after spending years in the media industry.

    “While I enjoyed my time working in the field, I couldn’t shake the idea of running Fenno Fashion full-time,” she says. “While it was a side business for over a decade, I felt in my heart it was time to take it to the next level.”

    And take it to the next level she did. Fenno hired a business coach, who also happens to be the owner of the first fashion truck in the United States, and one of the requirements was that Fenno read her book which discussed operating a business in different facets, including a mobile business.

    “While I never had really considered going mobile, I thought the concept was something that could really work for my business, while also helping me take it to the next level,” she says.

    Fenno says she drove down to Nashville and picked up an old 1998 plumbing truck that was partially built out to be a mobile clothing boutique. It was a truck she didn’t want to give up on, though, because she saw so much potential in it.

    “It was the perfect size, had a window, sliding French doors, low mileage, and detailed records of its maintenance,” she says.

    Something that was once a vision was becoming reality for Fenno, and people are loving it, too.

    “Just from experience so far, people are really fascinated with the business model and concept, which draws them in to want to see what it’s all about,” she adds.

    The history of Fenno Fashion dates back to 2007 when she launched her own business following her graduation from the Savannah College of Art & Design.

    “It’s evolved a lot over the years, but one thing that’s never changed is my passion for designing jewelry,” she says.

    FENNOfashion sells handcrafted jewelry made by owner Megan Fenno.

    With the help of her husband, the two have put in over 500 hours renovating the truck before they finally stopped counting.

    “John, my husband, also designed the vinyl wrap for the exterior of the truck and designed and modeled out the inside of it so we’d know exactly what it’d look like before we even took our first trip to the hardware store,” she says.

    Fenno also gets help from her parents at events, and friends who help out with everything from social media to putting stickers with the Fenno Fashion logo on thousands of boxes.

    The Fenno Fashion Roaming Boutique isn’t like anything else you’ll find in Cincinnati. “I said from the beginning since no one else is doing this – it’s either a really great idea and/or a really bad idea,” she says. “So far it’s been great, but surely keeps me busy since I also have to create everything that goes inside of the truck.”

    Inside the truck, you’ll find statement necklaces, longer pendant necklaces, dainty pendant necklaces, dangly earrings, stud earrings, bracelets, and bangles.

    “Also, because I work a lot on custom orders, I have examples of some of my more popular custom pieces – such as Remembrance Jewelry and the Momma Bird necklaces I create,” she adds.

    You can also find all of the Jewelry from Fenno Fashion online at fennofashion.com. Fenno says that those interested in learning more about Remembrance Jewelry and Momma Bird necklace online.

    Everything from Fenno Fashion is under $70. Stud Earrings are usually between $14.50 to $16.50. The dainty necklaces range from $26.50 to $28.50, and the most expensive items are statement necklaces and custom pieces.

    You can also order, but not purchase in the truck a Remembrance Rosary for $68.50.

    Fenno says that she’s excited about the future of the truck, which includes participating in the upcoming Barre on the Bridge with Pure Barre as well as several fundraisers. Those fundraisers will include giving back part of her proceeds to the organization in which the fundraiser is benefitting.

    She’s also planning the future of her jewelry designs. “I’m always trying to stretch and learn,” she says. “I just purchased an engraver so I can start engraving metal, which is something I’ve always wanted to offer. Moms love jewelry with their children’s names on it!”

    To learn more about Fenno Fashion, visit fennofashion.com. There you can find all of the information you need from shopping for new designs to information on how to place a custom order as well as a calendar with all of the truck’s upcoming events.

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