Fern Studio

Fern Studio

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    A local studio is giving its owner the opportunity to combine her love for handmade plants and unique home decor with planting classes for the community. Read on to learn more and see how her upcoming events can give your green thumb a hand.

    “Bridging design and flora, Fern Studio offers a carefully edited selection of beautiful and unique objects along with a curated assortment of plants,” according to owner Megan Strasser.

    Located in an old gas station in the heart of College Hill, Fern has become a popular plant design studio. The reason behind the shop’s popularity is due to Strasser’s knowledge and expertise in designing and pairing plants with planters.

    When asked about her designs, she says it’s about being thoughtful. “The plant and the pot should have just as much intention as the large furniture pieces you bring into your house,” explains Strasser. “You want to choose a plant that fits your lighting conditions, but you also want to choose a plant and a pot that complement your taste and your home.”

    At Fern, you’ll find that the store, as well as the studio, specializes in custom plant design installations for homes, offices, restaurants, boutiques, and in nearly any place you can put a plant.

    Strasser says she opened Fern because she wanted to create a space that allowed her to combine her love for handmade objects and plants.

    When it comes to choosing your plants, Strasser wants to help customers select one that works for their own personal aesthetic and their home’s style.

    “You want to choose a plant that fits your lighting conditions,” says Strasser. “But you also want to choose a plant and a pot that complement your taste and your home. The plant and planter should also complement each other.”

    In addition to plants and pots, Fern also sells a curated collection of items, including hand-loomed blankets, small-batch candles, hand-woven baskets, and handmade textile wall hangings. Plus, the shop is dedicated to giving back to the community by donating proceeds to a local animal rescue.

    Fern is hosting an upcoming Terrific Terrariums class with the Taft Museum on August 25. Although the event is sold out, Strasser says you can keep your eye out on the shop’s Facebook page for other upcoming events.

    Fern is located at 6040 Hamilton Avenue in Cincinnati. To learn more, visit https://www.fern-shop.com/, “like” them on Facebook, and follow them on Instagram.