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Fit Mama In 30

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    Who has time and patience for restrictive, time-consuming diets? That's why these local ladies launched a resource full of 30-minute workouts, quick meals and recipes, and grocery lists that make healthy living actually attainable.

    Fit Mama In 30 is a program of 30-minute workouts, quick meals and recipes, and grocery lists to help you achieve your goals.

    There never seem to be enough hours in the day – no matter how much coffee we drink. Between work, volunteering, having a social life, and being a parent, it can be difficult to keep up with your health.

    That’s where Fit Mama In 30 comes in. It’s a program of 30-minute workouts, quick meals and recipes, and grocery lists to help you achieve your goals.

    “By following this program, you will see it is possible to live a healthy lifestyle while still having the time and energy for your children, family, and friends,” says Cari Oschman, Co-Founder of Fit Mama In 30. “Fit Mama In 30 is realistic, affordable, and time-friendly to fit your needs. No counting calories, weighing food, or cutting out specific food groups – just balanced and simple recipes to follow.”

    The inspiration came from founders Cari Oschman and Bailey Oschman experiencing their fair share of unhealthy diets, restrictive eating habits, and countless hours of cardio.

    “We quickly realized how difficult it was to fit our typical hour-plus sessions in the gym every day, and also find the time to cook nutritious meals for our families – and it’s what we do for a living,” says Oschman. “We know that if we were struggling, it’s no wonder why moms out there were also having a tough time meeting their goals, so we set out to develop a program that moms can easily follow and experience amazing results.”

    Both Cari and Bailey are personal trainers. Cari works as a nutritionist and Bailey is a registered dietician. The sisters-in-law believe in a science-based, balanced diet that doesn’t require a lot of time in the kitchen.

    Not only are they passionate about fitness, but their careers have made them passionate about your food and wellness journey as well. “We are here to guide you on your wellness journey and are very passionate about building a community of women and moms who inspire and cheer each other on along the way,” says Oschman.

    While there are many wellness programs out there, what makes Fit Mama In 30 stand out is that it doesn’t require you to count calories, weigh food, or cut out specific food groups – only follow balanced and simple recipes.

    “Everyone thinks you have to restrict yourself to see results or follow a complicated plan and it’s just not true,” says Oschman. “Also, all of the workouts are only 30 minutes long and can be broken up into 10-minute segments. Different workouts are posted every month to keep things exciting. We personally have following this program for the last 4 years and admit we are in better shape now than ever before!

    According to Oschman, one of the most invaluable features of joining Fit Mama In 30 is gaining access to their community Facebook group, which was recently made open for all to join regardless of whether or not you are in the program.

    Joining the group gives you access to motivation and support from other moms who are doing the exact same workout as you are that day, and are going through similar #momlife circumstances that you are.

    The Facebook group also gives you coaching by Cari and Bailey themselves. They address topics that come up during conversations while also confronting difficult subject matters head-on by posting personal videos.

    “We broach issues like how to improve your relationship with food, what to do when you hit a plateau, how to stay on track with your goals while eating how, and whether or not you should add supplements to you diet,” adds Oschman.

    There are two different membership options when it comes to Fit Mama In 30 – and you get the choice to decide which one works best for you.

    Both memberships include:

    • Daily 30-minute workout videos (at home)
    • Monthly workout calendars
    • Printable workout sheets
    • Detailed nutrition program
    • 30-day meal plan with recipes, grocery lists, and snack list
    • Weekly recipe updates
    • Bonus on-the-go/travel workouts
    • Access to the closed Community of Mamas that includes daily support, motivation, live discussions, and more

    Now that they have their monthly programs down, Fit Mama In 30 will soon launch a 14-day program. It will be an ideal way for others to get a jumpstart on their wellness journey, giving them access to all community features while having a little fun along the way.

    The program is $14 and participants will be able to use that $14 to put toward an annual or monthly membership program if they choose to continue after 14 days. The program, Oschman says, will start on January 7. She also encourages you to sign up for their newsletter to be the first to know when enrollment opens.

    To learn more about Fit Mama In 30, visit You can also see a variety of recipes on their blog and workouts on Instagram.

    Fit Mama In 30 also offers a free 7-day program for others to try out. Simply enter your email address on their homepage. Additionally, there is a closed Facebook community available for others to join!