Glossed Up

Glossed Up

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    A local woman is opening up a new salon that not only beautifies clients, but also showcases and supports other locally-based woman-owned businesses. Read on for all the details.

    Photo: Madison Borland Photography

    Melanie Scheel wanted to create a space that stylists can call home, a space that isn’t what you’d expect a salon to look like. At Gloss, you’ll find a high-end hair salon with a laid back vibe. 

    “You can come here to get swoon worthy locks while hanging out with a group of stylists who love and support each other and love nothing more than to make you feel like part of the family,” says Scheel.

    The aesthetic of Gloss is different from what you’ll find at many salons, and there’s a big emphasis on teamwork. 

    “We root for each other, we teach each other, and if you leave to pursue a different dream, it’s still your home base if you need or want it,” she adds. 

    Scheel, also known on Instagram as @the_balayage_mermaid, says her salon will open its doors on August 11. 

    Once the salon opens its doors, Scheel will offer the latest color and extension techniques, in a casual and fun environment.

    “Want your favorite celeb’s hair? Come see us at Gloss, no trip to California necessary,” she adds. 

    Additionally, Scheel wants to support local small businesses at her salon. She plans to carry locally-owned products for clients to shop while they’re there. She says she’s starting with Green Bee, a local, woman-owned beauty company.

    Gloss is located at 7251 Beechmont Avenue in Anderson Township. You can keep up with the salon on Instagram and Facebook.