Good Discovery(s)

Good Discovery(s)

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    There’s a new kind of festival in town. See how this civic design celebration is creating a community poised to make a positive impact on local arts and culture, wellness, food and technology.

    Civic Design. It’s not a common cause for celebration, but Steve Ramos created an entire festival for it. Ramos is one of the creative minds behind Good Discovery(s), a civic design festival celebrating people impacting communities for good.

    “It’s a day of brainstorms, panels, and networking to share ideas from artists and creatives making a positive impact in arts and culture, wellness, food and technology,” he explains.

    The founding idea behind Good Discovery(s) is the belief that Cincinnati is a hub for civic design – a design that impacts its communities for the better.

    “We see this from our corporates via Kroger’s social impact plan Zero Hunger Zero Waste,” says Ramos. “We experience civic design via Cincinnati-based agencies like Design Impact, a social innovation

    Steve Ramos, founder of Good Discovery(s)

    nonprofit using creativity to impact change for good and solve complicated social problems. We receive civic design inspiration from entrepreneurs like Jeffrey Miller of Last Mile Food Rescue, a startup dedicated to reducing food waste.”

    The team behind Good Discovery(s) includes Kailah Ware of Sunny Blu Art; Tamia Stinson of Style Sample; Whitney Dixon of Pixxel Designs; Sean C. Davis of Squirrel Stories; and Steve Ramos of SR Media, along with creative contractors Rome Ntukogu and Jeffrey Miller.

    The first Good Discovery(s) festival was held on March 26 at Memorial Hall in OTR. Ramos says the team behind the festival was able to offer quality content, interactive programming, diverse presenters, and a unique venue – all of which makes the team even more excited for Good Discovery(s) 2020.

    “The spirit of discovery driving the Good Discovery(s) Festival is unique,” explains Ramos. “Our name Good Discovery(s) clearly communicates the mission and values driving our creative event. Discovery(s) speak to products and services impacting communities for good that our attendees may be learning about for the first time. Discovery(s) also speak to the bottom-up spirit of our event; sourcing creators and unexpected talent.”

    In addition to the festival, there are three Good Discovery(s) meetups throughout the year. The Good Discovery(s) podcast launches later in 2019.

    Visit to learn more about the 2020 festival and to find more information on the 2019 meetups.