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In Plaine Sight

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    Two local sisters have a clear vision for the future: eliminate single-use plastics one refillable order at a time. That’s what their business, Plaine Products, aims to do and the world is now taking notice. Read on for their inspiring story.

    Lindsey McCoy and Alison Webster, sisters and co-founders of Terrace Park-based Plaine Products, are on a mission to make style sustainable once and for all. 

    These all-natural beauty and personal care products are sent in a container you can either recycle or send back to be refilled. All of their products are vegan, non-GMO, cruelty-free, biodegradable, color-safe and free of parabens, sulfates and toxins. All of this, according to McCoy, means that products from Plaine Products are good for your body and good for the planet. “Plaine Products is one family’s answer to the earth’s single-use plastic crisis,” she adds. 

    When you shop Plaine Products, you’ll find that they offer products on a per-item or subscription basis. But what makes them different is that they come in aluminum bottles that you can send back to be refilled, with shipping costs and sustainable shipping supplies included. 

    Plaine Products has seen such great success since their launch, and they’ve made a lasting impression. In fact, Forbes covered Plaine Products as a “favorite find.” 

    “After some copious searching to replace our beloved tried-and-true products in the bathroom, I’m here to tell you that Plaine knocks it out of the park when it comes to sustainability, elimination of plastic waste, and products that are incredible,” Brand Contributor Jenn Vande Zande wrote.

    “The first of its kind and founded in 2017, Plaine Products has started a trend in personal care products that is quickly catching on, offering an alternative to single-use containers,” says McCoy. “Plaine Products is proud to be reducing waste and helping stop the spread of single-use plastics.”

    Lindsey McCoy and Ali Webster, Founders of Plaine Products

    As of October 2019, Plaine Products reached its milestone of 100,000 plastic bottles that have been diverted from landfills, with the goal of hitting 250,000 by the end of 2020. 

    And the higher goal means that the business also needed to expand its product line to help continue the decrease in use of single-use plastics, and Plaine Products has done just that.

    Recently they added a facial line that includes face wash, face toner, and face moisturizer. Additionally, there is a new beauty oil that moisturizes skin and works well to diminish the appearance of scars, wrinkles, and fine lines due to its rich antioxidant ingredients and essential fatty acids. “It can also be applied to hair to tame flyaways, frizz, split ends, and bring shape back to curls,” McCoy adds.

    As the summer gets closer, McCoy says they are hoping to launch sunscreen and hand sanitizer in June. 

    Those interested in ordering from Plaine Products can visit their website. When placing an order, you choose your preferred products with a reusable pump. “When the bottles are low you order a refill bottle without the pump,” explains McCoy. “When the refills come, switch the pumps over and send back the empty bottles in the refill box, for which Plaine Products covers the cost. Then we clean the bottles, refill them, and reuse them.”

    McCoy says their team put a discount code into the system for Cincy Chic readers who would like to try out any products for themselves. Use the code CincyChic for 20% off.

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