The Mother of Invention

The Mother of Invention

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    This Mother’s Day, moms deserve a little extra pampering. Read on as we chat with the mother-daughter team behind locally-based Kate Ryan Skincare who developed a product line to bring together the best of nature and science -- with a dash of mother knows best -- to make skincare feel like a gift that keeps giving.

    Erica Finnan is more than a nurse. She is also a mother to four young children and part of the mother-daughter business representing three generations of women called Kate Ryan Skincare. 

    While its namesake, Kate is just nine years old, potential customers often call and ask to speak to Kate Ryan. “We think it’s cute,” Finnan laughs. “What I want to say is that Kate would love to take your call but she’s busy on the soccer field with her friends living her best life – ha!”

    Although Kate is young, the business that would be named after her first started 10 years ago around a kitchen island, when babies were being bounced in one arm and coffee in another. 

    “At the time, I had taken a break from working as an ICU/organ transplant coordinator and was filling in doing medical facial treatments at a local office,” explains Finnan. “Part of what I did was educate clients on the benefits of after care, following an in-office treatment.”

    Although she was not on the clock to care for those patients, she was looking up scientific research journals because if she was going to recommend products to them, she was going to find them something that truly worked.

    “I really wanted to know the why and how behind the products, not just regurgitate marketing claims on the bottles, which may or may not be true,” she explains. “What I found was that No. 1: Many of the formulas were incredibly overpriced – there were maybe 3-4 beneficial activities, the rest was filler and junk, and a lot of those were chemicals.” 

    These were high profit, low benefit products. She says that some of the bottles were over $100 and, although people were happy to purchase them, that was crazy to her. However, she also acknowledged that people don’t really have the time to research products and ingredients that were really long and may be written in a way that the typical consumer couldn’t understand. 

    Finnan says that all of her searching felt like a search to the end of Google, and she couldn’t find a skincare formula that fit her criteria of safe and healthy and an advanced formula with quality active ingredients.

    Finnan wanted to offer her customers a formula that combined science and nature, and something that was effective and felt good on the skin. 

    “Being a nurse, the long-term health of the skin and body was most important to me,” she explains. “there are so many ‘quick-fix’ products out there that may give you the results you are looking for in a short amount of time but also do lasting damage to the skin.”

    From there, Finnan created an exhaustive list of “Yes!” active ingredients and how they function and have purpose and a longer list of “No!” ingredients. 

    Determined to have the best of nature and science, Finnan partnered with her mother, Bev, an advocate for skin concerns of women in their 60s and beyond, to develop a line of skincare products that delivers transformative beauty benefits for women of all ages. Combining their personal objectives and research, and in collaboration with like-minded scientists, Finnan and Bev proudly launched Kate Ryan Skincare, named after Finnan‘s daughter, Kate Ryan.

    Today, the company offers honest formulas that are safe, affordable, cruelty-free, and family-owned and operated. 

    Ultimately, the mission through this business is to make skincare feel like a gift.

    “We consider self-care a gift you give yourself,” says Finnan. “When a Kate Ryan Sincare product shows up at your doorstep, that’s how we want it to feel! And seriously, isn’t having a package dropped on your doorstep just the best, especially now?! So often clients tell us, it’s too pretty to open, or I love ordering from you because it feels so good when I open the package! We also ship very fast – usually the same day unless the order comes in late in the day. We know people are excited to get their products and we try very hard to deliver quickly!”

    With Mother’s Day being less than a week away, Kate Ryan Skincare is offering a thoughtfully curated gift box to make it easy. “We understand it’s difficult to get olut to shop this year,” says Finnan. “This is our first year doing this because of COVID-19, we usually offer a gift card for Mother’s Day, but the gift box can be found on our website. We can also create custom gift boxes, wrapped and shipped.”

    COVID-19 has been something completely different for Finnan, a former nurse, and Kate Ryan Skincare. “To be honest I’ve really been wrestling with this personally, feeling like I should be out there with many friends who are still in the ICU, ERs, etc.,” she says. “As hard of a job as it was, I absolutely loved my years in the ICU. I know now with my family home and a business to manage, that I cannot help in the way that I would like.” 

    Kate Ryan Skincare did create a caregiver gift/thank you/self-care package, and she plans on doing a giveaway with some of those items.

    “Anyone visiting our website will have an opportunity to read our blog articles on a variety of skincare topics and check out frequently asked questions,” says Finnan. “Joining our mailing list keeps our clients up-to-date on new articles and promos, and provides a 15% discount on their first order.”

    To learn more about Kate Ryan Skincare, visit Kate Ryan Skincare is also on Facebook and Instagram.