Living In The Movement

Living In The Movement

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    After hitting a fitness rut and getting bored with the gym scene every day, one local lady launched Live in The Movement to make wellness a fun and adventurous way of life for her and her family. Read on for all the inspiring details.


    Live In The Movement brings you to the Cincinnati fitness community through a variety of activities and events. Photo: Allison Fopeano Photography

    It’s easy to get bored with your workout routine. That’s where Emily Crosby Morgan’s Live in The Movement comes in.

    “Live In The Movement is a fitness event experience designed to help you find your fitness groove,” she explains. “We create unique fitness experiences ranging from out-of-town retreats to family fitness events, private custom parties, and our signature event, the bi-annual Cincinnati Fit Day, which we just held in downtown Cincinnati on April 14.”

    Crosby Morgan says she was inspired to launch Live In The Movement three years ago, initially as The City Skinny and a re-brand this past fall, when she found that she herself was tired of going to the gym everyday.

    “My first step was getting out and finding new and different workouts that were being offered at studios, or in parks, around the city,” she explains. “I blogged about these studios and trainers as a means of highlighting the exciting variety of fitness possibilities that are available to us here in Cincinnati.”

    To Crosby Morgan, the next step in her process was to get her hands dirty and physically introduce people to these new spots she had discovered, beginning with Cincinnati Fit Day.

    “The retreat-like atmosphere of our Fit Day makes this a fun way to introduce people to new experiences,” says Crosby Morgan. “Cincinnati is a fitness leader in the Midwest these days, and I love to show it off to people who want to jump in!”

    Emily Crosby Morgan, Founder of Live In The Movement. Photo: Crystal Slaughter Photography

    This progressive mini-retreat takes attendees around to four or five different studios, provides healthy catering and snacks, swag bags, raffles from local businesses, and a no-shower happy hour to top off the day.

    “Think pub crawl, but instead of bar hopping, we experience a unique workout at each spot,” she adds. “It’s a great way to show off our thriving fitness and wellness community to our tribe, and a great way to spend some much needed time on oneself. Our participants get a taste of what each studio has to offer, and it’s very cool to see a ‘connection’ formed between a client and a workout they may have been intimidated to try.”

    Crosby Morgan took her fitness prowess to another level after she was diagnosed with non-invasive breast cancer in November 2017. After undergoing a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery, she felt that there was a void in the fitness and medical community for resources for cancer patients that would allow them to exercise properly through treatment and post-surgery.

    “I decided to become a Cancer Exercise Specialist so I could help patients through a difficult time,” she says. “I know how much walking or just moving properly saved me at many dark, difficult moments. To say that this experience has made me that more passionate about my work is an understatement. I truly believe that movement, in any aspect of our lives, is vital for happiness. I am eager to make this a large part of my work moving forward. We all have battles and obstacles to face, and an exercise routine that you love and gives you clarity is priceless.”

    Live In The Movement is run by Crosby Morgan as well as her friend Libby Hinken. However, she says, the most important part of Live In The Movement is the Cincinnati Fitness community. “I love these wonderful people and I’m inspired by how they help us create magical experiences,” she says.

    In addition to the Fit Day events and monthly events hosted by Live In The Movement, Crosby Morgan says some retreats are held out of town, with a past event being held in Asheville, North Carolina, where another retreat will be held this fall.

    The next Cincinnati Fit Day is being held this fall, which Crosby Morgan says you can learn more about on the website’s event page. There are also other events upcoming each month.

    To learn more about Live In The Movement, visit You can also follow along on Instagram and Twitter, and give them a “like” on Facebook.