Local Yokel Mercantile

Local Yokel Mercantile

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    A passion for shopping local inspired the idea behind this Glendale-based shop that carries everything from paintings, pottery, jewelry and accessories, to artisan bread, local coffee, fresh eggs, and locally-made beer. Read on to learn more about the store, all the fun things you’ll find inside, and their events like pottery classes, guitar sessions and full moon Girl Parties.

    Local Yokel Mercantile focuses on locally-made products in its general store.

    If you’re looking for a little bit of everything in a gift store, Local Yokel Mercantile is the place for you. Owned by Darcie Davis, Local Yokel Mercantile is a general store, full of a little bit of it all, with a focus on locally-made products.

    Ever since the California transplant landed in Glendale in 2002, Davis has had a vision for running her own business – believing that her “some day” would arrive.

    And it did, in 2017.

    “I’m a believer in stars aligning, good timing, and things happening for a reason,” says Davis. “Everyday since moving from California to Glendale, I said to my family as we drove by the little brick building at 220 E Sharon Road, ‘There’s my store one day!’ One day was February 28, 2017.”

    “The tiny brick building that the store occupies was built in 1860, according to one of the brickson the east wall,” says Davis. “It started out as a tine roof and slate company. You can still see the lettering of the original sign across the front. It’s been many businesses over the years – a dress store, shoe store, interior design store, a flower shop, and, after many years of sitting empty, it became Local Yokel Organic Food store.”

    That’s when Davis stepped in – quite literally.

    “I came in with my pottery, I’m a potter, and asked Tyler, the owner, If i could display it in the windows,” she recalls.

    Local Yokel Mercantile sells a variety of products from groceries to artwork.

    From there, a conversation sparked that ended with Davis having a part-time job at the store. A few months later, the owner announced he was selling the store and Davis decided she was going to buy it.

    “After a few tweaks, Local Yokel Mercantile was born,” says Davis. 

    “Most of the artwork is made by local artists,” says Davis. “That includes carved wooden jewelry, stamped metal art, paintings, cards, pottery, wooden furniture, quilts, turquoise inlaid pipes, and more.”

    In addition to artwork, the store also carries artisan bread, local coffee, fresh eggs and chicken, and local beer.

    “We carry artisan bread by Crackling Crust, locally roasted coffee from Deeper Roots, fresh eggs and chicken from Boehm Farms, Madisano’s Gelato & Sorbet, and a huge refrigerator full of local beer,” adds Davis. “We have monthly beer tastings to get our customers caught up on all the great beer made here in Cincinnati, and a few outside of Cincinnati.”

    The store also offers pottery classes, something that has been a big hit with the kids. “Kids love our Clay Camp and adults love the flexible schedule,” she says. “Paint-a-Pot parties are a fun way to enjoy time with family and friends.”

    In addition to the pottery classes, Tuesday and Thursday evenings at the store mean acoustic guitar lessons. “Guitars are hanging on the walls just in case a customer is overcome with the need to make music. Almost every beer delivery man that’s come to this store has played one of these guitars,” she laughs.

    The “maker” part of Local Yokel Mercantile doesn’t include only pottery classes and guitar lessons. Davis says that she hopes to soon offer sip-n-paint parties, fiber art classes, and basic sewing classes in the near future.

    In addition, Davis says that once a month, as close to the full moon as they can get, a Girl Party is held. “Women get together for conversation, an art project, maybe a tarot card reading, and, of course, howling at the moon,” she says. “These evenings have been a great way for ladies to relax and feel supported and encouraged by each other.”

    Davis says that all in all, Local Yokel Mercantile is a convenient place to shop for food staples, beer, gifts, and to learn about art. “It has become a comfortable place for customers, friends, and neighbors to gather, talk, and really connect,” she says.

    To learn more about Local Yokel Mercantile, visit lymercantile.com. You can also “like” them on Facebook. On Facebook is where you can find out about new arrivals, upcoming events, and more.