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Paige Parker Styling

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    A local fashionista is on a mission to not only help you look great but feel great starting from the inside out. Read on to learn more about the personal struggles that got her to where she is today and how she’s on a mission to show her children what a strong, independent mother looks like.

    Paige Parker grew up in the deep South, so for her, being well-dressed has always been seen as a form of politeness.

    “I was always taught that ‘good manners and great style go hand-in-hand,” she explains. “I remember from a young age watching in awe as my grandmother teased her platinum blonde hair (the higher the hair, the closer to God), piled on so much jewelry that I was sure her neck would be sore, and never left the house without her lipstick.”

    Parker learned much of what she knows about styling and fashion from her grandmother and mother. “I’ve learned that style and strength start from within,” she says. “A few years after college I opened a women’s clothing boutique in my home state of Mississippi and it was there, in that little storefront, I realized there was nothing I enjoyed more than helping someone improve their confidence by transforming their appearance.”

    This passion for fashion and looking good, inspired by Parker’s grandmother, inspired her to launch Paige Parker Styling, a wardrobe styling firm based out of Hyde Park.

    There are two motivations for Parker when it comes to running her business. First, and foremost, her children.

    “I want them to always see a strong, determined mother who finds great joy in helping others,” she explains. “I want them to know that with a little imagination and a whole lot of hustle they can do anything they set their minds to. But ultimately, I’m motivated to be the person that I hope they become one day.”

    Another motivation for Parker is her personal experience. She went from having 3 children in five years and then going through a divorce to essentially losing herself in the personal struggles.

    “I was engrossed in motherhood, a failed marriage, I had this body I didn’t recognize and when I looked in the mirror I wasn’t myself,” she says. “It was when I made an effort to rediscover my style and the image that I was portraying to the world that I found my happiness again. Looking at my reflection brought me joy again, rather than misery. So, I want to bring that joy back to others, I want to fill them up with not only a great wardrobe but with confidence from within.”

    There are a variety of services available from Paige Parker Styling, including services for both men and women in order to fit the needs of all clients.

    Parker’s most popular service, and where she recommends starting, is the Closet Edit/Cleanout.

    “I, along with the client, go through their entire closet, purge, create new outfits, and organize so that getting dressed is stress free,” she explains. “I give them a book of photos of each outfit we created from what they already owned – usually 15-20 outfits.”

    From there, she says, most clients add on Personal Shopping in order to fill in the blanks in their wardrobe. Once the 3-4 hour shopping trip is done, Parker will head back to the client’s home for a personalized fitting.

    Next, is Parker’s personal favorite service: the Special Event Styling. “Whether it’s a red carpet, class reunion, or charity gala, I love to help people get dressed to the nines,” she shares.

    In addition to these services, Paige Parker Styling also offers travel packing and styling for business or vacation, wedding styling, photo shoot styling, editorial styling, and much more.

    Parker says that she wants to help her clients build a wardrobe that showcases who they are and makes them feel put together – even through all that life throws at us.

    “I firmly believe that, even as busy mothers and/or working professionals, we can have a style unique to ourselves and a way to feel put together without having to try so hard,” she says. “Building a well-balanced, versatile wardrobe takes time and thought – and that’s where I come in.”

    She references Diane Von Furstenburg in saying “Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it,” she adds, “I don’t just give my clients style, I help them discover their style.”

    Although Paige Parker Styling currently only accepts clients in the Greater Cincinnati area, soon location will not be a problem.

    “In just a few short weeks you’ll be able to work with Paige Parker Styling no matter your location,” she says. “I’m set to launch the addition of ‘virtual styling’ in February.”

    Aside from her new service launching next month, Parker says that she’s also working on a few collaborations that you can keep an eye out for in the coming year.

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