Party with PetCakes

Party with PetCakes

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    A local lady's four legged friend inspired her to launch a line of microwaveable dog treats you can make at home. Now, she's styling pup parties for the rich and famous. Read on for all the tail-wagging details.

    Melinda Kirk, CEO of Lucky Paws, LLC, and creator of PetCakes and YumYum Bones.

    A love for her pets is what inspired Cincinnati-based Melinda Kirk, the CEO of Lucky Paws, LLC, to launch PetCakes and YumYum Bones, healthy homemade cakes and ice cream for dogs and cats.

    “PetCakes are organic, microwavable treats for dogs and cats that you can make at home in minutes – all you have to do is add water,” says Kirk. “Each kit comes with a reusable pan and a mix. It’s so simple, just add water to the mix, pour the batter into pan, and after only two minutes in the microwave, your furry friends can enjoy a soft, warm, cake-like treat.”

    There are three kits and more than four refill flavors to choose from – helping you make every one of your pet’s days a special one.

    There are also YumYum Bones, the first-ever healthy frozen yogurt ice cream that has collagen for hip and joint care. And just like PetCakes, all you have to do is add water.

    Kirk says that what inspired her to launch brands like PetCakes and YumYum Bones has always been her four-legged friends and wanting to provide them with the most healthy food and treats. But treats aren’t the only thing she’s serving up these days – she’s also doing pet parties.

    “Then, I realized healthy doesn’t have to mean boring and I started creating fun pet parties with my cakes and ice cream,” she says.

    The idea behind pet parties is leading to other opportunities for Kirk as well. “I am currently working with an agent in Los Angeles to pitch a reality TV show in which I host high-end pet parties to the rich and famous and their pampered pets,” she says.

    In fact, Kirk will be featured on Season 2 of Animal Cribs, where she serves as a pet party planner for the host Antonio Bellatore and creates an elaborate pet party for his animals.

    Additionally, Kirk is working on on a cookbook called “Date Night, Dog Night,” where she gives readers recipes to create a healthy dinner and dessert for their fur babies using the PetCakes and YumYum Bones mixes.

    Several major retailers carry her products, including Bentley’s Pet Stuff, Pet Wants,, and Amazon. “We also just launched a new PetCakes ‘Party 2 Go’ for six dogs on Amazon – it’s a complete pet party in a bag,” she adds.

    The “Party 2 Go!” kit for dogs is the only complete pet party in a custom gift bag that is reusable, according to Kirk. Each kit contains one DIY frosted birthday cake kit with a party candle for the guest of honor. There is also six DIY bone-shaped cupcakes for guests, DIY frozen yogurt ice cream with sprinkles, six cups with lids, one party hat, one paw print balloon, and a custom PetCakes clear stadium tote.

    “In just three hours, your pet party is ready,” says Kirk. “Your pup will be the talk of the town and your guests will leave with their tails wagging.”

    Learn more about Pet Cakes on their website, “like” them on Facebook, and follow along on Instagram.