Revamp, Renew, and Revitalize in 2017

Revamp, Renew, and Revitalize in 2017

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    From Midtown Manhattan to the heart of downtown Cincinnati, there’s a brand new cosmetic dermatology practice in town. Read on as we get behind the scenes to see how they specialize in shorter down-times, more advanced techniques and affordable prices that’ll help you turn over a new leaf in the new year.

    Juvly Aesthetics is a cosmetic dermatology practice with a brand new location in Cincinnati.

    Between stressful schedules and environmental toxins, it takes a toll on your skin.

    New products, technologies and techniques are effective in reversing this damage, but then your wallet takes the toll. That’s where Juvly Aesthetics – brand new to downtown Cincinnati – aims to help.

    According to Sam Peck, Juvly’s Business Development Manager, Juvly is a leading cosmetic dermatology practice with locations in Cincinnati, Columbus, and New York City that specializes in quality care at an affordable price. “We are among the highest categories of providers of Botox and fillers in the country by volume,” he says. “We take pride in our high customer satisfaction ratings, fair prices, and fantastic results.”

    Dr. Justin Harper founded Juvly Aesthetics following his educational career at The Ohio State University’s Medical School, where he studied both plastic surgery and dermatology.

    Harper wanted to create a high-quality dermatology practice that was not only more affordable but was easily accessible.

    “Dr. Harper observed that consumers were paying high prices for subpar results, which inspired him to start the practice,” says Peck.

    Juvly Aesthetics was founded in November 2014, and is one of the fastest growing dermatology practices in the country.

    Currently, Juvly provides a variety of procedures and services. You can opt for a number of non-surgical aesthetic services including microdermabrasion, microneedling, Botox, fillers, coolsculpting, and other injectables.

    The affordable prices and high quality service are just two of the things that make Juvly unique.

    “Our treatment techniques are the most innovative and our clients’ results speak for themselves,” Peck adds. “We pride ourselves on being a customer-focused organization that can provide transformations that require little to no downtime.

    If you’re thinking about making an appointment with Juvly in the New Year, Peck says that now is the perfect time to freshen up your look or go after a look you’ve always wanted.

    “Whether a client is looking to refresh the texture of their skin, minimize their wrinkles, restore lost facial volume, or sport the lips they’ve always dreamed of – it can be taken care of at Juvly, without breaking the bank,” he says. “Why wouldn’t you put your best face forward for 2017?”

    Juvly’s new downtown Cincinnati location can be found at 331 W 4th Street. To learn more about Juvly, visit or follow along on Instagram.