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    From Eastern Europe to Cincinnati, a local fashion designer is bringing high-end, quality women’s wear to the Queen City by blending her love for fashion, history and the future into every piece. Read on for all the designer details.


    TextileHaus was founded by Anastasiya Yatsuk and features a women’s line designed and produced in Cincinnati.

    Anastasiya Yatsuk’s made the move from Eastern Europe to the Queen City, where she studied Fine Arts at the University of Cincinnati. In the time since she graduated school and made her way through the working world, Yatsuk launched a women’s wear line that’s designed and produced in Cincinnati called TextileHaus.

    “At the core, TextileHaus celebrates the minimal and sensible approach,” she explains. “Mainly, we offer basic items that have an artistic touch, and since I moved to the United States from Europe, the designs for TextileHaus are definitely influenced by European aesthetic and my love for the arts.”

    When it came to launching her own clothing line, Yatsuk found her inspiration in history. She says that she loves examining the way design responds to changes in society’s culture. Yatsuk also finds her inspiration in thinking about what it is she would want to wear for the next season, so she combines those two things to help create a new collection in her women’s wear line.

    Currently, TextileHaus focuses on woven garments, which includes anything from tops to bottoms as well as dresses and jackets. Prices for items from TextileHaus range from $80 to $400 per item.

    The team behind TextileHaus includes Yatsuk and an army of friends that do freelance work. She also sometimes has interns who help her out. “I see needing a professional sewer and a marketing person very soon,” she adds.

    When asked what makes TextileHaus unique, Yatsuk says that it’s the company’s production model as well as the designs themselves. “After I receive the fabric from the mill, it gets cut and sewn by one person right here in my Brighton studio,” she explains. “I think this is a very loving approach to making and I enjoy thinking of every person whose order I am working on at a given moment.”

    Yatsuk says TextileHaus will soon update their website with new content. According to Yatsuk, they will also soon add a style of garments for kids for the holidays. “I enjoy working with the little ones, so this project has been a dream of mine for a while now,” she explains.

    To sign up for the TextileHaus newsletter, where Yatsuk says they do frequent giveaways and updates, visit www.textilehaus.com. You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram.