The Picture Party Place

The Picture Party Place

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    For our annual kids issue, we chat with a local lady who has a passion for turning fetes into fairy tales. See how The Picture Party Place combines her love of photography and theater while providing an outlet for other artists to showcase their talents and creativity.

    The Picture Party Place helps bring events to life for children by featuring their favorite characters.

    Caroline Hall launched The Picture Party Place in October 2013 after finding inspiration from a little shop in Michigan called the Book Nook and bringing it to life. The store in Michigan, where her family went on summer vacation for 27 years, has evolved and changed throughout the years.

    Today, it’s not only a shop for books but also for performers to come and play on the weekends and for local artists to showcase their work.

    “When you entered the shop, it was so relaxing and enjoyable that I wanted to create a similar environment,” she explains.

    That’s when Hall decided to bring her own little store to Cincinnati. Although she closed up shop last year due to family responsibilities, she was determined to keep the business alive.

    “We love to perform and entertain, and I also love photography,” says Hall. “The business was a way to marry two of my passions. We do our best to bring that passion and love to all of our events.”

    The passion for The Picture Party Place not only comes from Hall, but from her family as well as the area’s up-and-coming performers in the local theater community.

    The Picture Party Place has become a way for Hall to run a business where magical memories can be made. Hall, who herself has an extensive background in theater, has had a long line of success. She started two children’s theater programs that are still thriving and typically involve more than 100 children in the productions.

    The Picture Party Place is where you can let your imagination run wild. Hall’s business offers several types of photography packages and specializes in character-themed photos.

    “You can have a photo taken with your favorite character or have them perform at your party or event,” explains Hall.

    What makes The Picture Party Place so unique is that Hall and her team can customize their characters to fit your theme. “If you have an idea, we will work with you to bring it to life,” she says.

    The performers at the Picture Party Place are highly trained actors and vocalists, so you’ll be sure to entertain family, friends and other guests with top-notch talent. Hall can put together characters and songs to provide the entertainment you’re looking for.

    There’s even a Patriotic Quartet and Victorian Caroling group special for holiday gatherings. In addition to a unique business type, the party packages available through The Picture Party Place are one of a kind. “[Our party packages] are designed so that all you have to do is show up, we take care of the rest,” says Hall.

    Party packages are available at the Loveland Castle, Cocoa Bites in Loveland and at The Parlor in Milford. Photography packages start at $125 and party packages start at $160.

    Hall offers photography sessions for just about everything. “We offer character-themed photo sessions, head shots, photos for theater productions, senior pictures, bridal portraits, family photos, fantasy photos and casual weddings, “she says. “We also offer packages to photograph parties and events.”

    The price of party and event pricing (starting at $160) includes a photography packages. The birthday party packages include a photo with a character for the group as well as individual photos with the character for the children in addition to all the shots snapped during the party.

    Hall says that the best thing about running The Picture Party Place is seeing the smiles and joy on the children’s faces. “One of the best things, and one of things I miss most about my theater programs is hearing little voices sing,” she says. “You will often see ‘Madame Shopkeep,’ as the performers call me, wiping a tear while listening to the kids sing along with the performers.”

    She also enjoys doing events for the Dragonfly Foundation of Cincinnati, adding that one of the goals she had when starting the business was to be able to do things for that organization.

    Doing events at the Loveland Castle is another big thing for Hall, saying that their partnership has been a great pairing.

    Hall says that there’s plenty on the horizon for The Picture Party Place. “We are doing more performances at events, so you will see us customize our characters to fit various themes,” she says.

    The group recently had Miss Hannigan, Rooster and Lily St. Regis requested for a party. They also did songs from Seussical featuring Horton, the Cat in the Hat, Mayzie and Gertrude for a Dragonfly Event.

    The Picture Party Place will be doing a ‘Princesses and Heroes’ breakfast at RSVP Event Center in Loveland on July 25 as a fundraiser to support the Dragonfly Foundation campaign to build a new facility, partnering with Sweet Moments Events and Parties to bring the best characters for the kids to enjoy.

    “There will be singing, super hero training and crafts for the kids,” says Hall. “We also perform at the Loveland Castle’s show days which are the third Saturday of every month April through August.”

    On July 18 some of the group’s favorite villains will be there while on August 15 they’ll feature fairytale characters.

    Hall says The Picture Party Place will also continue creating new things as long as they have the imagination to dream them.

    To learn more about The Picture Party Place, check out their website. You can also “like” The Picture Party Place’s Facebook page to see upcoming events and the Green Faerie Productions page to view photos.