The Region’s New Leaders

The Region’s New Leaders

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    Ready to make 2017 the year you take charge and sharpen your leadership skills? Learn about key programs aimed to help women become better leaders, business owners, and employees. Read on for more.

    The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber does more than represent businesses and employees in the Tri-State, it’s also working to help build leaders, whether through its membership organization or its youth and professional development programs, the Chamber has become one of the largest chambers in the country.

    First established in 1839, the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce was also the site of the first meeting of the United States Chamber of Commerce, 73 years after the Cincinnati Chamber was established.

    Heading into its 178th year, the Cincinnati Chamber is building a stronger region by developing the area’s most talented leaders. According to Lindsay Bujnoch, Senior Marketing Manager for the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, a strong business community needs committed, caring, and effective leaders.

    “The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber recognizes that retaining talent at all levels is imperative, and for more than three decades, has delivered quality leadership development opportunities through a range of dynamic programs,” she explains. “No matter where you are on your professional journey, you will discover a Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber Leadership Program right for you.”

    To develop the area’s young talent, the Chamber hosts the Cincy Next and C-Change programs.

    “The Cincy Next program provides a forum for early career professionals seeking meaningful growth opportunities needed to advance both personally and professionally,” says Bujnoch. Participants in the Cincy Next program learn to polish their professional skills while building a network of peer relationships.

    There’s also the C-Change program, where emerging leaders can build their professional profiles while gaining community insight. “Participants collaborate and develop leadership skills while engaging established leaders and regional resources in a year-long community project,” says Bujnoch.

    Other programs offered by the Chamber include Leadership Cincinnati and Leadership Action.

    “Leadership Cincinnati is the region’s flagship program designed for the established, senior leader who is passionate about making a difference in the community,” explains Bujnoch. “Leadership Cincinnati is an immersive civic learning experience that focuses each month on topics ranging from regionalism, economic development, arts and culture, to inclusion, health, justice and sustainability. This is an experience-based program and is designed to help participants understand the assets and challenges of the region, elevate their leadership, and further engage in the community.”

    The Leadership Action program aims to leverage the expertise and passion of the community’s business leaders to advance change and elevate the community’s profile. “Over the course of the program, participants, identified at the ‘go-to’ leaders in their companies and organizations, select an actionable project and assemble the support and resources needed to accomplish their objective,” says Bujnoch.

    Those who participate in Leadership Action take part in a project management process to create community change and develop their leadership and team skills throughout the program.

    Most importantly, the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber hosts programs that aim to empower professional women: WE Lead and WE Succeed.

    “WE Lead is a 10-month leadership program for accomplished women in mid- to upper-level management positions, business owners, and top leaders looking to develop and grow the skills necessary to achieve groundbreaking results for themselves, their organizations, and their communities,” explains Bujnoch. “Through a combination of professional development and coaching, WE Lead provides women with the leadership tools and strategies necessary to achieve exceptional professional growth and success.”

    The timeframe for this program is from September to June, and the application window is from January to June. The application fee is $50 and the program cost is $3,500.

    WE Lead participant Lynnette Heard from the University of Cincinnati says the program helped her to refuel, transform, and deepened her life and leadership style, which has always been driven by the philosophies of servant leadership.

    “As a relatively new member of this region, I found that WE Lead reignited my professional and personal passions while allowing me to forge new relationships and build strong networks with extraordinarily talented women,” says Heard.

    WE Succeed is another program from the Chamber that helps to empower local women. “We Succeed is an intensive, three-month executive coaching experience designed to help high-potential women business professionals develop exceptional leadership skills to advance their company and career,” says Bujnoch. “The time frame provides a ‘just in time’ coaching experience for executives taking on new challenges in their organization, and allows busy senior leaders a chance to reflect, refocus and re-energize their professional passion. Participants leave this program feeling empowered and ready to take their career and company to the next level.”

    Aimed at mid- to upper-level female managers, business owners, and professionals, We Succeed runs from April to June and again from September to December. The program application timeframe is from January to February and July to August with a $25 application fee and $1,800 program fee.

    Bujnoch says the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber is looking forward to the professionals and businesses it will help in 2017, as well as all that will be accomplished in the programs going on throughout the year.

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