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Tillage Clothing Company

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    A lady with a mission to combat human trafficking launched a line of super comfy pants that helps customers contribute to her cause. Keep reading to see how you can wear these powerfully philanthropic pants.


    Tillage Clothing gives consumers a chance to fight back against human trafficking with each purchase of their pants.

    We all know just how transformative soft fabric can feel. Now imagine being able to wear a pair of loosely flowing fabric on your legs that’s not only sustainably made and stylishly designed, but also fights back against human trafficking.

    That’s the idea behind Tillage Clothing Company, according to its founder Abby Farr.

    “We teach the consumer they have power in their purchase, shop quality over quantity, and ask the question, ‘what human made this product,’” she says. “Human trafficking is an intense and devastating issue, and Tillage provides all consumers the opportunity to give back to the fight with the resources they have and feel like they made a difference.”

    It was a combination of finding inspiration in textile and the passion to fight sex trafficking that inspired Farr to launch Tillage. “I knew I wanted to start a business that would platform the issue, give back directly to strategic organizations, and educate the consumer on the issue,” she says.

    As someone who has always kept her eye on athleisure wear, Farr says that textiles also get her gears going. “When I lay my hands on a well-stitched, highest-quality fabric, I get excited,” she says. “If I can imagine myself wearing it by the beach, my next road trip, or adventure, I’m sold.”

    She says that it’s even better when she can leave on the same pair of pants and dress it up from casual to an outfit she can wear to dinner.

    But that versatility is something that Farr says was lacking in the market. “I got my sketch pad and pen and got to work,” she adds.

    All products from the Tillage Clothing Company are made in the U.S. and feature a versatile design that allows the owner to dress the pants up or down, for any occasion.

    Farr launched Tillage Clothing in April 2016, following a successful Kickstarter campaign that she wrapped up in November 2015.

    With the business successfully launched, she ensures that a portion of every sale goes back to specific organizations she herself has curated to make sure they are strategically and effectively spending their gifts.

    “Keeping careful documentation on sales, we’ve been able to send a check quarterly or semi-annually,” she says. “The current organization we’ve adopted is the Aruna Project, based in Cincinnati, who puts on 5k races across the nation to fuel the freedom of women and children in Mumbai, India.”

    “Their ‘strength in freedom’ motto aligns perfectly with Tillage Clothing,” Farr adds.

    Tillage Clothing’s athleisure wear pants are comfy and give you a chance to combat human trafficking.

    Tillage Clothing was built on a mission to give back, rather than adding on the idea to give back after the company was thriving. “It’s my belief that we must give a portion back to women and children who don’t have a voice,” says Farr. “From day one, our goal was and is to inspire women who buy a pair of fancy pants that they can make a difference; there is hope that the freedom they know can be known to the marginalized in society. Every step or sip of coffee our customers have in Tillage speaks. When they wear and use the high quality designs, they are constantly connected to the cause.”

    Farr says that Tillage will soon launch its anticipated men’s line of pants. There are also several ideas in the sketchbook and a search for investors to help Tillage generate the resources it needs to take the company to the next level.

    Tillage did, however, recently come out with a logo-imprinted coffee mug that was handcrafted by a potter in Nashville called “Fieldhouse Collective.” It offers a product to buyers at a lower price point who want to join the Tillage mission.

    You can shop Tillage or learn more about the brand at tillageclothing.com. You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram.