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UnCommon Things

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    Calling all fashionistas! A local stylist is bringing her online boutique to a brick-and-mortar near you! Keep reading to learn more about the new boutique that will showcase her styling skills, on-trend tips, and fashionable finds!

    Sydney Murdock of UnCommon Things is turning her online boutique into a brick and mortar fashion headquarters in Cincinnati.

    There’s nothing common about Sydney Murdock. She’s spent the past seven years working as a fashion stylist and has been able to build up a portfolio and small clientele right here in Cincinnati as well as New York City.

    But her work doesn’t stop at styling. Murdock also launched an online boutique called UnCommon Things. “UnCommon Things started out as an online destination for young women to shop for the pieces that they live for,” she explains. “This includes funky, sexy, and unique pieces that fashion-forward women often have a hard time finding.”

    Murdock was inspired to launch UnCommon Things through her passion for helping women look and feel good about themselves while also creating a place Cincinnati women could go to find the fashion they’re looking for.

    “There are fewer and fewer places that cater to the fashion forward ladies within the city who are looking for uniqueness and edge to add to their wardrobe,” she says. “The store has grown quickly over the past few months and will launch with a storefront in the summer.”

    Sydney Murdock, Owner of UnCommon Things

    As someone who strives to help women with their clothing, she also wanted a business that was her own and could fully showcase who she is as a stylist, buyer, and fashion enthusiast in the city.

    “Since there wasn’t a lane, I began working toward creating one,” she says. “UnCommon Things is not only a clothing store, but it will also stand as a fashion haven where women can schedule styling services, closet revamps, and more.”

    Murdock’s passion also lies in working for herself and pushing the notion of becoming a “girl boss” in her field. “Women are the future, we need to own our own businesses,” she adds.

    Currently, the boutique is a huge project that Murdock is continuing to develop. “There is a ton of planning, construction, and ordering that has to be done prior to the big reveal,” she says. “We are geared toward opening by June 2017.”

    While she’s keeping most of the details regarding the project top secret, Murdock says she plans to let Cincy Chic be the first to know more information.

    As for inventory, Murdock says she plans to carry a variety of products ranging from monochrome sets to thigh high boots and bedazzled chockers. “We will have it all,” she says.

    To learn more about UnCommon Things, check out the store website at www.uncommonthings.co. You can also follow Murdock’s blog and Instagram.