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US Women International

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    There’s a new experience on the horizon for women and girls around the globe - starting right here in Cincinnati. Read on to learn more about this global network that’s working to empower women in all walks of life and career.

    US Women International focuses on empowering women and girls around the globe.

    The vision behind US Women International is this: To create the largest global network of women and girls who intentionally choose to speak, empower, and support one another on their journey toward living and leading unapologetically.

    Founded by Jamie Dinwiddie and Elisha Hill, US Women International wants to utilize the lived experiences of women around the world. “We want to build a global leadership pipeline of coaches and mentors who uplift and cultivate the next generation of women leaders,” says Dinwiddie. “We endeavor to not only discuss issues that concern women, but to be women of action who advocate for the underserved in areas such as healthcare and education.”

    The duo says they were inspired to launch US Women International through passion-filled conversations about women, global leadership, their daughters’ futures, and equity.

    “We knew that by sharing our lived experiences, we could inspire other women and girls to find their voice and make an impact,” says Hill. “US Women International and our podcast Unapologetically Speaking are simply byproducts of the calling we feel is on our lives to prepare globally-minded women leaders for the world and vice versa.”

    Dinwiddie’s experience comes from being in talent management and leadership development, with a background in learning and development, global diversity, inclusion, and organizational effectiveness.

    “We as women innately have so much to offer that we often give of ourselves unknowingly. When we are not consciously aware of how much we are giving, we become depleted and emotionally bankrupt,” says Dinwiddie. “To survive and live our best life unapologetically we must maintain a deliberate awareness to never let ourselves go empty.”

    Hill is an energetic visionary who has served as a leadership coach, consultant, and facilitator in the corporate arena. She enjoys helping others through transformative experiences and empowering women.

    “As women, we must live a life of purpose, unapologetically,” says Hill. “When we embrace our authentic selves and begin leveraging our unique gifts, power, and voice in the way we’re meant to, this world will have no choice but to give us the respect, love, equal opportunity, and excellence that we deserve.”

    With US Women International, their professional experiences, and a passion for helping empower and prepare women around the world, Hill and Dinwiddie offer a host of customizable lifestyle and professional workshops, seminars, and coaching opportunities for women in various chapters of their lives and careers.

    “We have a global online community called the G.L.O.W. Up™ Community, which is an acronym for Graciously. Lifting. Other. Women. Up,” explains Dinwiddie. “The G.L.O.W. Up™ Community is made up of women making bold, unapologetic moves and who want to encourage other women to do the same. They are intentional about how they choose to impact the world and are gracious in sharing the limelight with other women. They are generous and creative with their resources and believe that there’s enough ‘success’ to go around.”

    Members of this community have access to a variety of US Women International experiences including leadership development workshops and programs, networking events, conferences, book clubs, coaching and mentoring opportunities, and G.L.O.W. Up™ Girl Trips.

    There are two programs available for women and girls: Unapologetic Leadership: A Woman’s Code to Living Boldly and A Voice Becoming (inspired by the book A Voice Becoming by Beth Bruno).

    Unapologetic Leadership encourages women to lead by example. A Voice Becoming is a 12-month program available for girls ages 10-16. It’s designed to introduce adolescent girls to opportunities that teach them how to create, lead, sacrifice, fight, and love like purpose-driven young women through lives experiences and mentorship.

    In addition to US Women International, Hill and Dinwiddie also host a podcast called Unapologetically Speaking. “On the podcast we speak on some of the most pressing issues concerning women,” says Hill. “We invite influential women to share their unapologetic experiences and how they’ve journeyed through defining moments.”

    The podcast can be found on Spotify by searching for “Unapologetically Speaking.” Some of the latest topics featured on the show include Defining Moments: The Wake-Up Call; Humble Women Win; Showing Up on Purpose; Raising Unapologetic Girls; The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe; Self-Love is the Best Love; and Accessing Your Power.

    To learn more about US Women International and Unapologetically Speaking, visit You can also follow along on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.