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Wild Origins

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    Herbs have the power to bring our bodies and minds into balance. That’s exactly why one Ohio woman created Wild Origins. Through it, she teaches hands-on how-tos through herbal workshops and online courses, plus sells her handmade herbal body care products around the world. Read on for all the all-natural details.


    Anika Zala started Wild Origins after battling a years-long bout of chronic stomach pain.

    Aniko Zala started on her path to being an herbalist after a years-long bout of chronic stomach pain. As she explains, “I was at the mercy of impersonal doctors and fruitless tests for a long time before someone suggested trying a peppermint tincture.” Just a few drops unexpectedly brought powerful relief for Zala.   

    After that she couldn’t stop studying how to use plants for health and balance. In 2015, she started more formal learning under local herbalist and ethnobotanist Dawn Combs. And in 2016, she launched Wild Origins.

    “I was ready to start sharing what I had been learning with others,” Zala says. “Learning about and incorporating herbs into my own life is empowering and has made me healthier and more balanced than I have even been. Wild Origins is a fun and fulfilling way for me to help other people do the same.” 

    Zala describes herself as an herbalist, teacher, and maker with an interest in the intersection between nature, self empowerment, and self care.  Wild Origins is how she can help others find the power that herbs have to bring our bodies and minds into balance.

    Zala teaches hands-on herbal workshops around Columbus and sells handmade herbal body care products.

    Through Wild Origins Zala teaches hands-on herbal workshops around Columbus and sells handmade herbal body care products. Her herbal body care products are focused on use for health, beauty, and ritual.  

    Her most popular products are ones that require you to slow down for some ritual self care, like the herbal body cream, the salt scrub, the face wash, the dream balm, and the rose+mugwort body oil.

    If you’re looking for ways to add self care and herbal treatments (especially as part of your New Year Resolutions or Intentions), Zala has some advice. She suggests starting with at least one plant or nature based self care ritual. 

    Adding, “use an herbal body oil for self massage. Or make yourself a relaxing and nourishing herbal tea to drink every evening (I love mixing lavender, rose, and lemon balm). Or be and breathe in nature – take a long walk in one of the metro parks at least once a week, no matter the temperature.  You can even buy an essential oil diffuser and turn it on every evening when you get home.” 

    Zala has in-person workshops and online courses you can take to learn her herbal tips and tricks. Workshops range in price from free to $35. Online courses are $89 per person, or a discounted rate of $160 for two people.

    You can keep up-to-date with all of Wild Origins and Aniko Zala’s workshops and products by visiting them online at www.mywildorigins.com and following along on Instagram at @wildorigins