Women of Cincy

Women of Cincy

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    After several inspiring encounters with some of Cincinnati’s most intriguing women, a group of local ladies banded together to systematically share these stories, one motivating morsel at a time. Read on to learn more.

    The women behind Women of Cincy, an organization dedicated to opening minds and bringing together Cincinnati’s women.

    “Women of Cincy is here to open both doors and minds, celebrating the inspiring women of this city and forging a community among them. We are storytellers, thinkers, and teammates who get things done.”

    That’s the mission behind Women of Cincy, a group of women who want to lift up the ladies of the Queen City. “We tell the stories of inspiring women that we meet, and as an added, almost unexpected reward, we’re building a pretty powerful network of talented women around the city,” says Women of Cincy Editorial Director Kiersten Feuchter.

    The first day of Women of Cincy was just a few women who showed up to the Women’s March with recorders and cameras.

    “We wanted to find out why people were there and tell the rest of the city about it,” adds Feuchter. “But the idea quickly took on a life of its own; by Wednesday we had the beginnings of a mission statement. We quickly veered away from the political and toward the goal of uplifting and supporting each and every woman.”

    The founders of Women of Cincy include Feuchter, Chelsie Walter who serves as the creative director, and Kelsey Johnson as the social media director. They also recently brought on Kali Robinson who serves as the events director.

    Next to those who help lead Women of Cincy is a team of almost 20 members who help with a variety of things like social media, events, and fundraising, with more people reaching out each week.

    Through Women of Cincy, the main goal is to open minds.

    “Sometimes it’s tough to really see one another as individuals; we tend to pigeonhole people into boxes,” says Feuchter. “So, we all say ‘all men do this’ or ‘all women are like that.’ We might have trouble starting new relationships with someone who comes from a different socioeconomic background than us, or whose political ideals don’t quite mesh with our own. The problem is we forget to try to understand them as an individual, and that’s what this kind of storytelling can combat.”

    The team also works to build a community of women who support one another. Although they have only been around for seven months, Women of Cincy is already seeing people find new jobs because they met one another through the organization.

    “We’ve been able to use our platform to promote the various causes that our interviewees are a part of; we’ve found that simply getting coffee with a group of innovative ladies is refreshing and inspiring,” says Feuchter. “It’s easy to get bogged down in the ‘daily grind,’ and a lot of us have seen our own passions reignited simply because we have this platform where any idea is fair game.”

    When it comes to helping other Cincinnati women, it’s about finding a chance for the community to get to know a woman – in her own words – and to experience the way she’s impacting the city.

    We’re all different, whether we’re running a company as a CEO or are a stay-at-home mom, and Feuchter says it’s all something that should be celebrated.

    “Nothing makes a city more alive than its residents recognizing its vitality,” she adds. “Our collective energy as a city is built on the individuals that live here. Basically, we’re your weekly reminder that this city and its women are stronger than ever.”

    Feuchter says that every day brings something new to the team at Women of Cincy. They recently started hosting “Coffee & Conversation” at The 86 in Clifton every other Tuesday. She adds that anyone is welcome to stop by and get to know them, share an idea, or find out what it’s like to join the team. “Even the very first meeting brought 10 new ideas,” she adds.

    Women of Cincy is currently looking for volunteers to share their time and expertise when it comes to fundraising, event planning, and social media. They also hope to find writers to start doing perspective pieces on whatever they are passionate about. They also want to be active in upcoming elections by encouraging women to register to vote, to inform themselves, and to ultimately help women’s voices be heard.

    Feuchter says that the long-term possibilities are exciting for Women of Cincy. “My personal passion is setting up a mentorship program where we connect young women with a female leader in their field,” she says. “Someday soon, we hope to host a panel discussion on an issue that closely affects local women – perhaps healthcare or family advocacy. The idea is to get women from both sides of the spectrum to share their personal experiences and actually listen to one another.”

    To learn more about Women of Cincy, visit www.womenofcincy.org, where you’ll find stories, a community calendar, and forms where you can join the team or nominate a woman for the team to interview. You can also follow along on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.