21c’s Truth or Dare: A Reality Show

21c’s Truth or Dare: A Reality Show

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Learn about an upcoming exhibition of contemporary art, which emphasizes the importance of questioning knowledge and belief. 

Truth or Dare: A Reality Show is a new exhibit at the 21c Museum Hotel on Walnut Street in downtown Cincinnati.

Put on by 21c Museum, Truth or Dare: A Reality Show is an exhibition of contemporary art, which emphasizes the importance of questioning knowledge and belief. 

21c Museum is a multi-venue museum located in eight cities across America and is one of the largest contemporary art museums in the U.S. Each museum’s exhibitions are open to the public and free of charge. 

Chief Curator and Museum Director Alice Gray Stites explains the inspiration behind this exhibit is the discussion about alternative facts that arose over the past few years. “The exhibition title’s reference to a game is present in works that utilize the imagery associated with toys or recreation, such as Pedro Reyes’s Lady Liberty (as Trojan Horse), the camouflage-clad soldiers in Adonis Flores’s Weeds and Trong Gia Nguyen’s Win-Win offering a ping-pong game of one on one with oneself, while Federico Solmi employs the aesthetics and technology of video games to critique political power,” Stites adds. 

The artwork in Truth or Dare: A Reality Show walks the line between reality and fantasy, as each piece plays with the concept of fact versus fiction. 

The exhibition will feature multi-media sculptures, photography, videos, computer aided-animations, and interactive, projected, and immersive installations. 

When asked about what makes this exhibit unique, Stites says, “This exhibition directly addresses one of the most currently compelling topics, the notion, and definition of truth-telling, through artworks that are both playful and provocative.”

In the future, 21c Museum is looking forward to working with ForFreedom and the Fifty State Billboard initiative. Through this, 21c will install artist-designed billboards in each city where 21c is located and will host a ForFreedoms Town Hall on October 4th. This town hall will feature Kurt Reiber, CEO and President of the FreeStore Food Bank, and Julia Elmer, Director of Operations for the Child Poverty Collaborative to discuss food insecurity and its connection to poverty.

The exhibit’s opening celebration takes place Friday, October 19th at 21c Museum located at 609 Walnut St. Cincinnati. To learn more, follow the 21c Museum on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter or visit their website here.