A Fresh Start, Purpose

A Fresh Start, Purpose

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As we enter a new month, and new normal, our life coach columnist offers tips to start living life with more purpose.

Hello and Welcome Monday, June 1, 2020. This year has certainly brought some new ways of living in the world. As you continue to navigate your life, today be encouraged to step back, and take a closer look at the first five months of 2020. How have you introduced new ways of living your life by design, and on purpose, with what you are experiencing now?

What have you discovered in this time of quarantine and stillness?

Are you looking at things in a positive way? Can you find the goodness?

Although it wasn’t intended to have a global pandemic, this time of social distancing has offered all of us a time to pause and really get clear on what’s new in how you manage your time, your choices, your priorities, and your life moving forward out of quarantine.

Allow me to offer a tool for you to consider as you being to create from this moment forward. The act of learning and understanding a practice of holding a positive energetic vibration, where focusing on joy and happiness, allowsyour spirit to trust that everything is working out for your highest and best good.  

If that feels like a struggle, then I encourage you to use the mantra “out of this situation only good will come” and believe it is so.  

When I learned how to hold a positive energetic vibration over a decade ago, it was a life-changing experience for me. I could pause and look for the goodness inside of any situation that was uncomfortable, felt bad, or just made me feel sad, I would seek out the answer to what it was I needed to know in that moment that would serve me moving forward with happiness, raising the energetic vibration.

In this moment, as a starting point for you, realizing just how precious life is and how the excuse you are too busy can be shifted fully into engaging in the moment.

Start there and find all the good things, not only about yourself but the others that you live with, family members, the people that you work with, and the world in general. Once you learn to shift into the positive vibration, no matter how small, it will bring light into your life to where you can navigate any obstacle with flow and ease from a place of joy!

Sending love and light,