A Taste of Fitness

A Taste of Fitness

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An upcoming event is bringing lots of health, wellness and beauty experts under one roof for a fun and fit event!

A Taste of Fitness Cincinnati is coming up December 2.

From HIIT to barre, Floor Play to Vinyasa, there are a lot of fitness options out there. That’s why Rachel Kerr, founder of The Beauty Boost, launched A Taste of Fitness events. 

“A Taste of Fitness is a slice of the pie of what the Beauty Boost puts on,” Kerr says. “It’s a day for the city to come together to try various styles of workouts in a non-intimidating atmosphere and check out fun health and wellness stations.”

The event has been held in Columbus and they also have events going on in Cleveland,  Pittsburgh, and Cincinnati. The Columbus event has been around for three years, two years in Cleveland, one year in Cincinnati. 

The inspiration behind the event came from a passion to bring people together. “I just wanted a fun way to bring the fitness community together to not compete but support one another,” Kerr says. The name of the event came to her when she was on an airplane. 

There are a variety of different classes available at the event, and they include: Barre by Barre 3 Mariemont, Circuit by Cincy 360 Fitness, Power Yoga by Move Your Hyde, Pilates with Anna Wall by 12th Street Pilates, HIIT by Emily Morgan of Live in the Movement, The Barre Code: Strength!, Core Class + Floor Play by www.im-with-kelly.com, and Gentle Vinyasa by Amy O’Neil of Elemental OM. 

In addition, there will be a braid bar, an area for mini manicures and lots of other health and wellness stations. The event will take place at Rhinegeist Brewery, 1910 Elm Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202, on December 2 from 9am-1pm. 

Success from the event is defined by how women feel after leaving the event. “It’s successful if women leave feeling empowered, healthy and beautiful,” she says. 

The event is so unique, Kerr explains, because when it started in Columbus three years ago, there was nothing like it out there. “Since then, there have been a couple similar events pop up, but I think the people we attract and how we stay true to our brand is what makes it unique,” Kerr says. The event is important for the community of Cincinnati. “It’s a day where we can come together and support one another,” she says. 

The most memorable moment for Kerr has been hearing how women have been impacted by the event. She loves “hearing women say it’s just what they needed to get them back into their fitness routine or that they connected with a vendor that can help them in a certain way,” she says.

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