Allyson Blythe Life Coaching 

Allyson Blythe Life Coaching 

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Read on to learn about a life coach in Kentucky who is helping people live their lives with intentionality.

Allyson Blythe has always loved helping people. 

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the field, she realized she wanted to offer something more. That’s when she launched Allyson Blythe Life Coaching in 2007.

Today, she offers one-on-one sessions with clients and another part of her job is “creating programs that suit their interests and needs, workshops, groups and classes,” she explains. 

Blythe says she has developed a variety of different learning opportunities through her life coaching. “I offer sessions 1:1. I have also designed two separate life coaching courses that are a 12-month commitment that meet face-to-face on a monthly basis. Those are titled Radical Self Care and Dedicated Life Overhaul,” Blythe says. “I offer two groups for young adult ladies and one for grown adult women. I also teach workshops based on communication and boundaries.”

The mission of her life coaching is “I educate, equip and empower my clients to start living their life on purpose,” Blythe explains. 

She is different from other life coaches out there because she has many years of experience, along with 20 years of clinician experience. “I have a wide variety of services that are designed both for men and women groups, classes, workshops, one-on-one and offer my services face-to-face. There is so much added value to face-to-face contact, especially when building connection and community,” Blythe says.

She defines success by assisting clients with being intentional of how they live their lives. “Building connection and community with in my practice are an added bonus. That’s why groups and workshops are so important because people feel better when you feel a part of something bigger,” Blythe says. “When clients gain insight and start taking responsibility for their lives, I consider that a great success!”

She loves working with the community to help educate, equip and empower them. “My clients learn to align their thoughts, behaviors and decisions with what they most want to create and establish in their lives. People who are intentional are healthier, happier people,” Blythe says. “That is a great benefit to our community. I also teach very basic, yet essential tools like communication and boundaries. I work with a wide range of both men and women (young adult to elderly).”

She has upcoming events coming up through her practice:

• The Art of Effective Communication: Tuesday, September 24, 2019
o There are still spots open.
• Boundaries: Four-part course coming up in September
o Open for women
• Radical Self-Care: Third year will be launching in January 2020.
o “It is a deep dive Life Coaching Course for women to improve their relationship with themselves and others,” Blythe says.
• Dedicated Life Overhaul: Launching its fourth year in January 2020.
o “It is a 12-month course for both men and women in which we take a 360 view of their lives to see what’s working and what’s not so they can create a plan for some real change,” she says.

The Allyson Blythe Life Coaching office is located at US Highway 42, Suite 217 in Florence, Kentucky. To learn more, follow her on FacebookInstagram, her website or email: