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Aloha Yoga Center

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Read on to learn about a fitness facility that helps their clients grow in all aspects of their life.

Aloha Yoga Center wants to see people improve their well being.

There is a fitness facility in the Cincinnati area that wants to see people improve their well being. “Aloha Yoga Center, LLC is a yoga and wellness center located on the Eastside of Cincinnati,” says Danielle Marie and Ryan Earl Toft, Owners of Aloha Yoga Center. “We are about promoting health and wellness (mind, body and spirit) for everybody!” 

Aloha Yoga Center opened in January of 2018 and its name came from a desire to have the spirit of Hawaii in Ohio. “We love the word, Aloha (love), and want to make sure that you feel that when you walk in the door. You are welcome to show up exactly who you are,” Danielle says.

The inspiration behind starting Aloha Yoga Center came from the Tofts living in Hawaii when they first got married because her husband, Ryan, was in the Navy. “During the course of our marriage, we kept talking about returning to Hawaii. In 2016, we packed up our three kids, sold everything and moved to Hawaii. My husband received a transfer from his job as a mail carrier and we made the move. It was absolutely amazing. We loved it and what an adventure,” Danielle says. 

While the five of them were in Hawaii, Danielle and Ryan started talking about having their own fitness facility, but it was too expensive to do it in Hawaii. “We continued to talk about opening up a place and what the name would be and after a series of events, we found ourselves moving back to Cincinnati. We decided to throw everything we had into our business and making huge sacrifices. We don’t come from money and we didn’t have a huge bank account,” Danielle says. “Aloha Yoga Center, LLC was hatched from a need to serve the community. Our intention when opening the place has always been: Serve. Serve the community, love with a huge open heart and be honest about what you are wanting to do. Each time I roll out my mat, I say to myself, ‘Let this place/practice help whomever it needs to help and serve whomever it needs to serve.’ This place has turned out to be bigger than just Ryan and I wanting to open a yoga studio. It’s taken on a life of its own.”

People come to Aloha Yoga Center, not just to get in shape, the Tofts say, as they come and learn about themselves. “They discover a similar message that I did, that ‘Everything you need is already inside of you.’ So many people come in the doors and confide that they are suffering from Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and real life issues. They have been able to find peace on the mat, that is huge! A few of our teachers are Trauma Sensitive and we create a space for survivors of trauma to heal at their own personal level,” Danielle says. 

The center has a class for everybody. “The hardest part is walking through the doors. We have a range of classes for truly everyone,” she says. The classes offered are: Basic Yoga, Restorative Yoga/Meditation, Mana Power Flow, All Levels Vinyasa Class, Yoga Nidra Meditation, Kettlebell Fusion Class, BUTI Yoga, and Old Skool Adult Hip Hop Class.

The facility is unique because it’s open to everyone. “The one thing I felt when I was attending classes at a yoga studio was that everyone had to be fit and a size 0. We want people to feel that they belong here,” Danielle explains. “They are our Ohana. We want to be a part of your journey wellness (mind, body and spirit).”

The business is important for the community because it helps organizations in the area. “Each month our studio picks an organization that is in need and we help by giving donations,” Danielle says. 

Toft loves doing what she believes in. “I see the value in what we are putting out into the world and there is so much to be said for that,” she says, adding that her favorite thing about running the studio is seeing people walk out of Aloha Yoga Center feeling better. “The thing this is so amazing to me is when people walk in the studio and leave feeling ‘lighter,’ and they have a twinkle in their eyes,” Danielle adds. “They shine from the inside out. It’s absolutely amazing.”

Aloha Yoga Center is located at: 834 Ohio Pike, Suite 318, Cincinnati, Ohio 45245. To learn more, follow along on Facebook and their website.