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Atomic Lane & Co

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A lifelong Westside native launched her own small handmade soft goods company. Click here to read more about her journey as an entrepreneur! 

The story of Atomic Lane & Co goes back to owner Sarah Hauck’s inheritance from her grandmother and great-grandmother. 

“The inspiration behind the company comes from my love and appreciate for the vintage aprons and cookware inherited from my grandmothers,” she says. 

Today she is the owner of Atomic Lane & Co, a small, local, handmade soft goods company that specializes in sewn kitchen essentials.

“This collection and the experiences I had in the kitchen with them sparked the enjoyment I get out of cooking and baking,” she explains.

Hauck is also a trained seamstress, so she was able to find inspiration in the vintage aprons that are now hers and mixing it with a Mid-century style that boasts whimsical patterns and kitschy prints to create a signature style.

The line from Atomic Lane & Co includes full aprons, vintage-styled hostess aprons, teen aprons, and aprons for children. “We also offer oven mitts and pot holders, insulated soft-sided lunch boxes, and reusable grocery totes,” she adds.

Although there is no brick-and-mortar location for Atomic Lane & Co, you can find Hauck and her merchandise at pop-up markets throughout the year and city, which you can find a list of on their Facebook page.

What makes Atomic Lane & Co unique, Hauck says, is its offering of a high quality, local, handmade product. “All of the products are made of high-quality and typically limited-run fabrics in small batches,” Hauck adds. “My goal is to provide a product that you will not see everywhere and that sparks joy when one sees it. I also aim for my customers to love every moment they use it and have fun in the kitchen.”

Hauck says she will be launching a Christmas collection of aprons that will be arriving soon. The company’s website and blog is also currently under construction and will launch this winter. 

To learn more, visit Atomic Lane & Co’s Etsy page or follow along on Facebook and Instagram.