Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show

Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show

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Learn about an arts and crafts show that attracts a variety of eclectic artisans and crafters.

Avant-Garde shows take the traditional craft show and turn it on its head with unique vendors.

The Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show has been bringing together artisans and crafters to the Midwest since June 2011.

The series of arts and crafts events showcase local handmade artisans and crafters while bringing attention the eclectic talent in the area.

The show, created by Becki Silverstein, was inspired by a desire to create a show that also has a unique spin compared to other arts and crafts shows.

“We try to find vendors who are unique, hence avant-garde, that put their own special touch to what is a classic type of craft style,” says Silverstein. “For example, jewelry, but made steampunked, or candles, but are hand-poured in liquor bottles and so forth. We like to take the old way of crafting and make it new.”

The event isn’t just about bringing together artisans, crafters, and to put a spin on the traditional craft show, but it also supports great causes in the community.

“A portion of all proceeds from each Avant-Garde branded event is donated to a local charity within the community of where the shows are held,” adds Silverstein.

The shows themselves are put on by Rebecca Adele PR & Events, which is also owned by Silverstein. In addition to a background in putting on arts and crafts shows, Silverstein also has experience as a crafter – so she has been on both ends of the business as both a customer and as a vendor.

The show itself was created to turn the traditional arts and crafts show and flip it on its head. “We vetted out and found as many unique vendors who go through a jury process to be in the event,” she says. “So we can share with the public some of the amazing local talent in the area.”

When you attend an Avant-Garde show, you can expect to see everything ranging from home decor to jewelry to bath and body products. You’ll also find apparel, items for animals, and everything in between. “There is literally something for everyone,” says Silverstein.

New for this year’s events is a food truck that’s been invited, as well as new and old vendors. The next Cincinnati-area show is September 22 at the Oasis Golf Club & Conference Center in Loveland. Proceeds from this event will go to Bake MeHome, a local non-profit.

To learn more about the Avant-Garde shows and to find a show near you, visit www.avantgardeshows.com. You can also follow along on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.