Baked Ambrosia

Baked Ambrosia

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A local lady launched this Greek-inspired blog that posts healthy recipes and the inspiration you need to have some fun in the kitchen.

Baked Ambrosia is all about traditional Greek dishes with a healthy twist.

Traditional Greek dishes with a fun and healthy spin is what the Baked Ambrosia blog is all about.

“Baked Ambrosia is a food blog dedicated to inspiring every-day home cooks to get into their kitchens and create delicious food with simple wholesome ingredients,” says founder Angelina Papanikolaou. The name of the blog came from the heart she has for baking. “Although I love to cook, my true passion is baking. ‘Ambrosia’ is the food of the Greek Gods,” she says. “When something is ‘ambrosial,’ it is extremely pleasing to taste or smell. So, I combined my passion with the ‘food of the gods’ and Baked Ambrosia came to life.” 

Baked Ambrosia started in January of 2016. It started as a place for Papanikolaou to share her recipes with her loved ones and anyone who asks her for a recipe.  “Starting a food blog had been something that I was considering for at least a year before I finally decided it was the right time, so I started a blog. I read a lot about it, watched many videos, talked to people who knew about building websites, and then I drove in and did it, “ she says. “To be honest,  I had no idea what I was doing, but I loved every single second of it.” 

The blog consists of healthy recipes and the occasional indulgences, as well as health tips, favorite products and everything in between.

Papanikolaou has many recipes that she wants to make and add to the blog. “These recipes are inspired by literally everything- the seasons,  holidays, my Greek roots, something I ate while traveling, foods I grew up with, new ingredients I see on social media, magazines, cookbooks,” she says. “Having a creative mind, it’s easy to get inspired from pretty much anything.” 

Her blog is so unique because she creates recipes that have a purpose. “Whether it is putting my own spin on a classic recipe, giving my readers a taste of my Greek culture, or creating a healthier version of a decadent food.” 

Papanikolaou’s goal for the blog is “to inspire readers to get into their kitchens and create mouthwatering scratch-made food.”

She loves working on her blog and is passionate about it. “I get to set my own schedule, attend amazing events, make lots of new friends, and I am able to get someone into the kitchen and cook up a delicious meal or batch of cookies,” Papanikolaou says. 

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