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    Social Media connected three strangers from three different states, and one of them calls the Tri-State home. Their mutual passion for all things style inspired them to launch a collaborative blog that celebrates size-inclusive fashion, friendship and lifestyle. Read on to learn more!

    Bestie Dressed is a collaborative lifestyle and fashion blog run by three best friends.

    Motherhood brought three strangers together through a Facebook group geared toward children’s clothing called Mini Boden. But these three women aren’t just any strangers who met online, they’re strangers turned best friends who have a passion for fashion. Through motherhood and fashion, the three of them launched the blog Bestie Dressed, a collaborative lifestyle and fashion blog.

    “We are passionate about sharing easy-to-obtain, affordable styles, promoting self-love, and brunch,” explains Bestie Dressed Co-Founder Emily Zanitsch.

    Comprised of Zanitsch and her two best friends Kristin and Lauren, Bestie Dressed is not just about traveling in the most current designer styles but also offering up ideas on how to get through your day-to-day looking fashionable while sharing information on deals – all without breaking the bank.

    And since the three women behind the blog are all located in different states – Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Alabama – they are able to bring different styles, trends, and shopping options to its readers.

    Not only does the blog pride itself on being able to offer up ideas from different parts of the country, but it’s also able to speak to a diverse group of women because of the differences in the three moms behind it.

    “One think we think you’ll love about our blog is that we are three different sizes and we aim to make this a body-positive space that welcomes ladies of all shapes and sizes,” says Zanitsch.

    Whether the blog is sharing the best sales you’ll find on the Internet or showcasing the latest #OOTD, Bestie Dressed is all about celebrating women no matter their shape or size.

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