Brewhaus Bakery and Dog Bones

Brewhaus Bakery and Dog Bones

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Learn about a non-profit organization that provides community and experiences through tasty treats, unique ingredients and powerful training opportunities.

A local organization makes dog treats that make a difference for the next generation of our community. 

“BrewhausBakery and Dog Bones is a 501c3 non-profit bakery organization dedicated to providing vocational training and work opportunities to area young adults with disabilities. We have a collaborative model to work with bakers of all abilities and interests and support and foster growth in each of our food industries,” says Lisa Graham, Founder and Director of BewhausBakery and Dog Bones. “Specifically, Brewhaus Dog Bones is our social enterprise where we make healthy all-natural dog treats from local craft brewing grains (malted barley).” 

The organization is located at 6927 Miami Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45243, in Madeira. “All proceeds of baked goods, whether for pets or people, help us create a substainable non-profit platform to provide jobs and opportunities for young adults with disabilities,” Graham explains. 

The Brewhaus Bakery and Dog Bones started in 2014 and has 16 people on their payroll, but throughout the seasonal months, they have added about 20-30 people to the roster. “I started the non-profit July of 2014 and launched at Listermann Brewing’s Octoberfest , October 10, 2014,” Graham touts. “We are almost five years old!”

The inspiration behind starting the business came from her daughter, who “has a rare genetic abnormality resulting in some developmental disability,” Graham explains. “We’re a cooking family; she lives to bake and loves animals; especially our three dogs and two cats. We have not been able to figure out a good cat treat yet! The craft beer community has been greatly supportive of our mission and purpose, which adds to the fun of our product!”

The name of the organization came from a survey of 400 people and Brewhaus happened to be the most popular decision. “Brewing up good things to help people in our bake ‘haus,’” Graham adds, “which is a nod to our German roots here in Cincinnati.”

Brewhaus Dog Bones are healthy and all-natural treats. These dog treats are “made from locally sourced spent brewing grains. We only use malted barley; we work collaboratively with other bakers who bake treats for people in our bakery too, giving us additional revenue and helping us to be a substainable non-profit organization. So in our brick and mortar location in Madeira, we have something for everyone, people and/or pets,” she says. “We used to bake at Findlay Kitchen, an incubator contract kitchen space and met others who shared our passion for having a food-based business; once we grew to a point and needed our own space, we recruited others to join us in Madeira.”

Brewhaus works closely with brewers. “We work closely with brewers to get spent grains right from the mash tuns and turn them into healthy, tasty dog treats! We use all-natural ingredients and never add any artificial flavorings, colorings or preservatives. Our treats are always handcrafted and slow baked,” Graham says. “We have two wonderful veterinary advisors from Family Animal Hospital in Batavia, Jenny Bard and Alfred DuBois, who review our recipes and advise as needed. Doggies love our treats!”

Along with making delicious treats, the organization provides training for individuals with a variety of disabilities. “We work with many area educators and job coaches to provide an instructional, project-based learning model, to help build skills and employability to those young adults transitioning from school-based programs to the adult world,” she says. “We provide our program at no charge to have an additional , creative, hands on, start to finish business and teaching tool in an educator’s toolbox. Most people learn best by doing.”

The most rewarding part of working for Brewhaus, according to Graham, is giving opportunities to young adults. “The most rewarding part is knowing we are living our mission and providing jobs and opportunities to young adults with disabilities who face so many barriers to employment and traditional opportunities,” she says. “It gives us an authentic platform to engage with our community and have fun!”

The organization is an important resource in Greater Cincinnati, Graham says. “At some point in anyone’s life, you can personally be affected or touched by someone with a disability, whether from birth or acquired through illness or accident. Having an opportunity to interact, learn and grow from each other, regardless of ability, helps us all be better human beings and more compassionate and understanding,” Graham says. “Everyone has strengths and a unique contribution to make. So hopefully when we’re out at an event or someone comes into our bakery, we can help promote understanding and inclusion of individuals of all abilities!”

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