Center for Wellness Education’s Educational Classes

Center for Wellness Education’s Educational Classes

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Read on to learn about an organization that‘s hosting a nutrition education series in April.

Ready to get healthy? A local health education center can help.

“[The Center for Wellness Education is]offering a series of classes that continue on a rotating basis quarterly. We start with a free introduction, which covers five areas, including nutrition, body movement/exercise, continuous brain learning and social connectedness. These are the characteristics of Blue Zones areas around the world where people live the longest with the best health,” Pamela Lockwood, PhD and MD, says. “Examples are Japan, the Mediterranean area, a community in California and Costa Rica.” 

After the Intro class, there are going to be meditation groups offered. The next one starts in June. 

Nutrition for the Brain is a class offered that talks about specific foods your body needs to function. “I bring some food to share and demonstrate the colors, natural and non-processed way we need to eat. Our overly processed foods and drinks with dyes, preservatives, pesticides and strange compounds we cannot pronounce, are making us sick and harming our guts,” Lockwood says. “If our GI system is not healthy, our brain cannot be healthy. The body processes foods with the bacteria in our gut and send compounds to our brain. Our brain is not static. It is able to change and create new connections and even new cells. It is called neuroplasticity and it is the hallmark of a healthy brain.”

These educational events will meet in a conference room in Blue Ash at: 11311 Cornell Park Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242. “Our spring semester of classes is starting with an introduction on April 6, 10-12pm, April 15 in the evening. Brain nutrition will be April 20 from 10-11:30am,” she says. 

If you want to find out class times and register for classes, check out their website at:

“There is a small charge for classes beyond the introduction session to cover expenses, but we are trying to make this program available to as many people as possible,” she says.