Chic Spotlight: Salon’63

Chic Spotlight: Salon’63

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See how a family-owned, hometown hair salon in Milford was recently rebranded and remodeled to blend its history in the community with haute industry trends and expertise!

Salon’63 is a hair salon in Old Milford offering a variety of hair services.

Cincy Chic: What is Salon’63?
Sara Wilson, Founder of Salon’63: We are a hair salon in Old Milford!

Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind the salon?
Wilson: Family! Our salon has been known as that family-owned, hometown hair salon for so many years and I love it. I feel like every client that walks through the doors should be treated like they’ve been coming here for years.

Cincy Chic: What inspired the rebrand of the salon?
Wilson: I was given the opportunity to really make the salon my own, and to reintroduce some new techniques, styles, and passion for the industry!

Cincy Chic: What’s the significance of the name of your salon?
Wilson: Our name means so much to me! The year 1963 is when our former owner Bill Gayheart opened his salon Gayheart’s Total Design. He has given me such a wonderful opportunity and mentored me in such a way that I wanted to be able to honor him and all his success!

The women behind Salon’63, including Owner Sara Wilson.

Cincy Chic: You’re a new mom, how do you balance #momlife and salon life?
Wilson: Oh gosh! I am still working on that! Haha Honestly, I have a very supportive husband, and 3 talented stylists working with me who help out so much. My clientele has also been incredibly flexible and understanding. I couldn’t do it without them.

Cincy Chic: What makes you most excited about being the hair/makeup sponsor for Cincy Chic’s Vintage Chic Fashion Show on June 21?
Wilson: Just being able to showcase our talent, be around an awesome group of women and get our salon name out there!

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for Salon’63?
Wilson: Well, this year is our third year in business! We’ve been working so hard and really getting our name out there. This year we are so focused on building relationships and our reputation as hair color specialists! We’ve also recently done a photoshoot showcasing some of our formal styles which was SO MUCH FUN. Bring on those brides!

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along?
Wilson: We are on Instagram and Facebook!