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From fashion finds to savvy skincare, home decor to personal style, faith to everyday life, read about a local blogger who loves inspiring others as she navigates through it all.

Chineze Mbamali has always loved to share her life with others, for as long as she can remember.

“There’s just something about doing so that brings me so much joy,” she says. “My blog, Chinezeslife, is a place where I’m able to connect and build community with others, and in sharing my world I hope to help others embrace and elevate their own lives.”

Mbamali credits her life’s journey to her passion for storytelling and sharing. “Passion is the driving factor that keeps me going,” she says. “In having a passion for storytelling and sharing I’ve been able to remain consistent for years, and hope to never stop creating.” 

On her blog, you’ll find a little bit of everything. She says she enjoys sharing things from fashion finds to her home decor, her faith, and everyday life and inspiration. 

While on the outside Chinezeslife is a blog, she says that it’s so much deeper than just photos or videos. “I love being open and transparent with my readers, letting them know that we’re all in this journey called life together,” she adds. 

Mbamali says that one of her favorite posts for the blog happened over the summer. She says she self-directed, produced, and shot a commercial regarding her skincare routine. “It was during a time where I was experiencing creator burnout, and being able to create something so different than what I was used to reminded me why I started sharing in the first place,” she says. “And it’s helped me to reignite that fire within me to keep going.” 

The future is looking bright for Mbamali and Chinezeslife. “During my morning meditations or evening walks, my mind is constantly filled with new ideas,” she says. “I’m always giving sneak peeks over on my Instagram stories of what I’m working on, so be sure to stay tuned over there for the exclusives.” 

You can find Mbamali on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.